Got Master Degree? Now Flee


So this is happening – Ukrainian professionals, including these musicians flee to Russia to get at least something instead of fully nothing they can get now in Donetsk, Ukraine and other Eastern parts of the country. Those told to be pretty professional musicians (I hope you can tell by watching them play) now play in underground subway stations for a heap of change they hopefully can get from the passers by. Some of them were getting their master degree in Donetsk, some already graduated and having master in music. Now this.
But main reason for this being posted here is not where they are from, just look how nicely this sounds in metro:

Some are married. Some with kids.

7 thoughts on “Got Master Degree? Now Flee”

    • They didn’t leave home because of the economy, they left because they were likely to get an artillery shell through their front door. Poor bastards.

  1. well look at that. If Russia is so evil as they make us believe here in the West. Then why are Ukranian people fleeing to Evil Russia and not to glorious saviour USA or Europe

    • Because they won’t get visa to go to EU or USA. Why russians hate west, but so many of them live in Europe? Why they are not going home to putinstan’s paradise?

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