Crazy War Aftermath



Just look how peaceful this picture is. It is a front of Lughansk airport. Look inside to see how it was quite and normal during its past days. And then see totally awful and terrorizing video on how this place was raped and destroyed by both sides of the conflict recently. Unbelievable!






People were enjoying themselves waiting for the arrivals and departures in the air-conditioned coolness of the spacious rooms.



Even Lughansk was not that big city this place was nice and modern looking.



However not anymore see this video to understand what I mean:


Horrible, huh?

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  1. Ukronazis got a beating there though. Now to expel those scumbags from Donbass and finish this mess. Then rebuild everything with RUS moneys.

    • Go read Novaya Gazeta. That is the only newspaper not under control by your government. Read it and you will see how bias your government-controlled news are.

      • No, but everyone who marches and fights under a regimental banner that incorporates the Wolfsangel symbol of the Nazi 2nd Panzer Division, or the Black Sun.
        Open your eyes. The Kiev regime is backed by neo-nazi and neo-facist organiations, and their volunteer divisions have been at the forefront on the assaults of the Eastern cities (whose people they openly deride as Untermensch)

  2. Terrible…I am sorry that this destruction has happened to the City of Lughansk. You’re right with the title of ‘Crazy War Aftermath.’. This is crazy to destroy a beautiful airport…not to mention the loss of human life…I detest war. I am glad the honorable Mr. Putin is doing all within his power to avoid a war. I respect his stance on the situation in Ukraine. May God bless the honorable Mr. Putin, Russia and Ukraine.

  3. Right now it is the russians who start all the trouble. What will I do if a burglar come into my house? Definitely beat the shit out of him. Go read both Western and your own local news and see the difference, then you know how bias your Russian news is.

    • ..except that the regime stormtroopers are the burglars, and the “rebels” are the ones defending their homes, families and loved ones.

      Why is an Amerikkkan empty-headed know-nuffin hiding behind a Russian name?

    • How more stupid can you be?
      Read news source #1
      Read news source #2
      Now realize how #1 is biased because #2 says so.

      This is why the world turned into shit, because of idiots like you.

  4. It’s to the people of Donbas (not ukraine) came murderers and robbers who wanted to made the same genocide, as in Rwanda. And 800000 refugees run from Donbass to Russia, not to the ukraine. These are the people of Donbas, who beat the shit out of ukrainian nazies. This is not Russian, but Western media are false and hypocritical. It was the Americans, who gave $ 5 billion to the fascist coup and it was gayropeans, who trained and organized nazy gangs. This is the United States and Gayrope, who want to make a new world war to destroy Russia, China and many other countries, kill billions human beings and establish NWO. Throughout their history (for centuries) the gayropeans (and americans) waged wars of conquest and colonial policy. They genocide populations and plunder countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, North and South America, Australia, many times tried to destroy Russia and enslave the Russian people. They are talking about democracy, but we see, that gayropeans and anericans are satanists, fags, cannibals and murderers.

  5. Here goes the big one—>
    That we can find in the mainstream western news (or mostly, what we can not find):
    1) Rebels bomb their cities and destroy refugee columns fleeing to Russia (their relatives, that is) with artillery fire. Ukr army with all their arty, MLRS and tactical missiles is not mentioned in this context, like it isn’t there.
    2) Destruction in Donetsk, Lugansk and neighboring towns and villages never covered, situation with local population not described. Nothing said about systematic shelling of hospitals, schools, power grid and water supply. In fact ukr army managed to hit almost every hospital in range of their guns, to me that’s beyond everything.
    3) Russian humanitarian aid convoy is depicted as something evil, nothing said about the absence of aid from Ukrainian side or endless delays for this convoy on the border.
    4)Nothing about aprox one million refugees (according to the UN, yesterday) which have crossed the border with Russia (people are voting with their feet, eh), and nothing about the harsh situation with refugees within Ukraine, – they are simply not welcomed in other regions, treated as 2nd grade people by the authorities.
    5)Nothing in the Western media about the use of prohibited white phosphorous and cluster munitions in the “ATO” zone, although plenty of video proofs on YouTube
    6)Still no news about the initial events in Kiev (Maidan shooting – who actually did it ??) Nothing about the western involvement at that time and now. Nothing about the US $5bn investment in Ukr revolution.
    7)No coverage of Odessa events, then people were burned alive by ultranationalists (some “they burned themselves” reports, just as in all Ukr media, I don’t take into account)
    8)Lots of “Russia shot down Boeing”, “Putin did it personally” stuff, no single solid proof so far. Nothing said about the Ukr side still not giving out ground control data, and nothing was said about the ukr army offensive in the crash area after the crash, which prevented the inquiry teams from entering. But then rebels volunteerly gathered the bodies and handed them over – this was called desecration.
    9)Russian invasion. Now every mainstream newspaper writes hysterically about this as a fact, without giving any facts =) We know, how the Russian invasion looks like after Georgia. Well, in fact, this all goes from Kiev – after reporting major victories every day and than loosing in reality to rebels they needed something to explain this to public. That’s then the Invasion hoax came in =)
    10)And finally, lots and lots of PUTIN EVIL stuff, even Stalin was not demonized this strong. Amazing)

    Now compare this with the western news coverage of similar Syria conflict, with its “good rebels” and “bad dictator president” and think about the bias media.

    • I am an american and I can attest that what darkness99 has written is true about the western media. That’s all we hear is that Russia invaded Ukraine, pro-Russian rebels shot down the airliner, Putin is the aggressor etc., etc. I regret that the big banker controlled politicians in america and their presstitute media won’t tell the truth. Please don’t judge us americans by the actions of our evil leaders. We are just the same as you are…we want to live our lives in peace.

    • You never get to facts because you are not looking everywhere for them. Do you watch VICE News? its the best source of videos from the area, and its in english.

      after watching this you still think there is no evidence of russian support to this act of terrorism (intentional or not)?

  6. @darkness99

    well done sir, it brings me joy to see people like you who look further than their nose is long. every bit of this can be found if people just did some research themselves. but oh no, why put in effort when we can just soak it up behind our tv’s.

  7. I think the Ukrainians may have destroyed the airport. With them loosing do you think it is smart to leave a operational airport in your land for Russia to easily bring in more troops and supplies?

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