Crazy Drivers Cut Traffic Thru Railway Tunnel


Cutting traffic thru a tunnel where trams go might be a good idea at least some people think so, however there are rails inside the tunnel, so they drive right along the rails, like the trains. See yourself if you don’t believe, it’s somehow an unique sight! (Video is inside):

6 thoughts on “Crazy Drivers Cut Traffic Thru Railway Tunnel”

  1. They should apply special rail wheels like the Unimog on linked picture:×442.jpg

    • …the Russians already invented that.They ran trucks on two cables like high line electrical wires…Kind of like a railroad made with cables on poles…nothing like the tramway in Chiatura, Georgia(Russia).If only it could be an automated moving track….fast like a train and you still have your car to drive when you get there…no traffic jams…

      • ….special designed wheel guides that would retract or roll on pavement…to keep your car on the track. A special tractor/train could pull several cars/trucks/tanks at high speed to another town and never have to stop.(I do realize that the people in this video are just dodging traffic…..RR ltd Co. just reminded me of my vision of a “super city”…..maybe Russia will build it ?


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