14 thoughts on “What Has Happened To My Hometown?”

  1. Happened yesterday but no photos on English Russia : what about the Russian soldiers’ burial in Pskov ? The ones who died of strokes and heart attacks, following an ammo incident ?

    • They can not show it. Reporters will be attacked when they approach to graves:

      And now the grave markers featuring the troops’ names have been removed.

    • I know the concept may be strange to you, but this post is about a city and the decay within, not some some incident involving ammo. You should go and find a blog that has mentioned it, and make a comment there, rather then trolling here, and being irritating.

  2. Sorry Hugh, but as you may remember, this website is about “what happens in Russia and former USSR”. This happened, is pretty interesting and ought to be covered by the site, at least as much about a city and its decay…

    • Tell me about the surrounded Kiev troops fleeing in a ‘humanitarian corridor’ INTO Russia!

      It also ‘happened’, but it’s not in this post either. LOL.

      As Hugh told you, you can find more details in another site (a News site) and relieve all your partisan passions there.

    • Tell Barack and his pals. Instead asking the people living there about their choice, he supports bombing them (exactly the opposite thing from the Western discourse in Kosovo and other places).

      So, bombing Russian people aywhere is ‘OK’, and Self Determination and Democracy only apply if you serve the U.S. interests.


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