When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

The impact of a Soviet multiple launch rocket system BM-21 “Grad” can be really destructive. Just check it out.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

Remains of a 122 mm projectile from “Grad” and the destroyed combat vehicle.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

“Grad” is not the best weapon for cities with civilians. These are dwelling houses in the Maryinka suburb of Donetsk.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

Fire cause by a “Grad” hit, Shakhtersk.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

Shakhtersk. Upper storeys are the worst place to hide when a “Grad” is shooting…

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

In Shakhtersk.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

Multi-ton turret destroyed by the impact of a “Grad”.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

Tank armor does not offer much protection from “Grad” either…

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

Perfect hit on the target, the crew probably didn’t survive.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

Target hit may contuse crew members and destroy electronics. The same will happen if two projectiles burst close to a combat vehicle.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

Even ten meters away from an explosion the equipment gets destroyed with its crew by high temperature.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

This is what usually happens when at least one projectile of “Grad” explodes nearby.

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

Aimed fire of BM-21 leaves earth fully scorched, in a moment it may destroy a column of armoured vehicles… 

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

Destroyed combat vehicles, their bulletproof armor is useless against the explosive shells of “Grad”. 

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

A tank hit by “Grad” – it can be assumed cluster munitions were used…

When a Multiple Launch Rocket System Grad Hits the Target

It’s not an alien invasion, it’s a real war happening today. There is no hiding place that can protect from “Grad”.


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  1. This is very sad – Slav on Slav, while the d3mons in Washington, DC keel over in laughter.

    Ukrainian nationalists (“Banderists”) are well known in Poland, where they committed deeds more savage than the Japanese in Nanking.

    Bandera used to strangle cats in front of his classmates to show how tough he is.

    Google banderowcy and click on Images.

    On an empty stomach.

    (a couple of the pictures are from the Holodomor and other unrelated atrocities)

    The Ukrainian nationalists even came up with a list of 135 torture and butchering methods, for men, women and CHILDREN.


    Translate the page with Google Translate for the gory details. Well known in Poland, this butchery by Ukrainians, but not abroad.

    Do this on an empty stomach and prepare to be shocked Rape of Nanking style. This is not atrocity porn, this is what Ukrainian nationalists in the UPA, OUN, Ukrainian police and Ukrainian SS did to 100K-200K Poles during and shortly after WWII in the south east part of the country and in what is western Ukraine today. What is really sickening is how Ukrainians allow the extremists in their midst to run free. I doubt most Ukrainians have any clue as to what their founding fathers and heroes did to Poles when western Ukraine was Polish.

    One of the leaders, Stepan Bandera, was made a Hero of the Ukraine by the wests favorite democrat, Yushenko, the pockmarked guy from the “Orange Revolution”.

    My mother used to read to us of the Holodomor so I know something of Ukrainian suffering, but the evil done to 100,000-200,000 Poles by Ukrainian nationalists in the UPA, OUN, Ukrainian Police and Ukrainian SS and other thugs during and shortly after WWII has no parallel in recent history, except perhaps in Rwanda.

    One family friend recalled 20 years ago how in his village the UPA forced the women and children into a church and burned it down. Thankfully the Soviets did to them as necessary.

    The Croatian Nazi allies the Ustase were so vile that the Gestapo complained to Hitler, but the Ukrainian nationalists in western Ukraine made the Ustase look like church boys. Unless someone wants to present evidence to the contrary.

    Do not look on full stomach.

    Take a look, and be prepared to be sick.

    Bandera was made a national hero by pock marked Yushchenko in 2010, and until Ukrainians shut up or jail the nationalist scum I won’t have much regard for the country of Ukraine.

    Google banderowcy and click on Images.

    • Slavs on slavs, indeed. I have seen plenty of pictures published in Russian press, attributed to banderists in Ukraine, but in fact taken in Abkhazia, Chechnya or other places where Russia brought war. So, who knows ? Maybe these pictures show destruction done in Ukraine by the Russian army ? At least, I have never heard or seen about any American equivalent of the Grad in Ukraine…

  2. Poor Ukraine. They chose to trust the wrong people, especially anyone bearing gifts from Obama. When this is over, Ukraine will suffer tremendously and no one will actually care. They will realize that local politics should have been handled locally, and in good terms with Putin.

  3. Grad demands skill too, the seps manage to hit armor coloumns on the move, ukranians are good only in hitting town-size targets. Their own towns(

  4. It’s really sad that Slav is fighting against other Slavs. This what Banderists done to Poles is really awful and barbaric. It’s true for
    Croatian Ustasha, they had children concetration camp in ww2 not far from place where I live, can you imagine that. There is monument there today
    similar to well known children monument in Stalingrad. What is interesting that first partisan unit in that part of Europe was Croatian partisan unit and is assembled in woods near same town. That can tell you that all Slavs are deeply divided, even between their own etnic group. I can’t imagine that people are so stupid that today we have neonazis in Poland or Russia, countries that suffered so much under that regime. I’m sure
    that initiators of this Ukrainian conflict are laughing now, they don’t lose anything they can only get something. We should all unite in some way and work together to improve our countries.

  5. So you don’t like Ukrainians, we get it. I hope you enjoyed banging your tin drum. Using historical atrocities as an excuse to propagate modern hatreds is a bullshit attitude to take.

    What’s happening in Ukraine in painful to see and if you think *anyone* is laughing then you have rocks in your head. And as much as it’s interesting to see what a Grad system can do, showing photographs of destroyed vehicles (in which people would almost certainly have died very recently) and burned and burning buildings (again, in which people would almost certainly have died very recently) is not cool, guys.

    Just my opinion.

    • Retards like you still use “commie” stereotype against Russians. Keep on it and dont whine, take a cookie from your national Ministery of Truth

      • Russians are definitely not “commies”. But the Kremlin has planned, implemented and launched an attack on a neighboring country, killing thousands in the process. That makes the Kremlin as good as US government in the Irak, or the French (Sarkozy) government in Libya (I’m French, so I perfectly know what I say). Retards are those who don’t catch that and find excuses for murders…)

        • ..”… planned, implemented and launched an attack on a neighboring country, killing thousands ….”. Just the same way NATO planes did in during Kosovo’s secession. Strange change of dicourse.

  6. MattNSW, some people in the Ukraine today support and celebrate Stepan Bandera. How can such monster be ideal to the normal man. That is the problem. On the other side, I agree that using historical atrocities as an excuse to propagate modern hatreds is bullshit, but USA is always doing it in every country in which they have some interests. the reason for that is that you can grab whatever you want in this chaos. It’s really old way to rule some country. Divide et impera. They learned that from Brits, and Brits probably learned that from Romans.

    • The key word in your text is – some (not many). There are many more in Russia and outside Russia that support Stalin that sent to camps many more people (complete families with children) an many were shot on the spot on NKVD premises without any real trial. And then these few people that support Bandera bother you more than Stalin supporters? In any country you will find some crazy radical people. Just in some the governments try to remove them in a way that nobody would know about such people, so this gives an illusion that they do not exist.

    • Please do not put Putin in the same league with Bandera. Bandera and his organization sided with Hitler and slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Polish and other non-Ukrainian civilians simply based on ethnic origin. Bandera was a Ukrainian Nazi and a fascist. There is no way of denying it.

  7. Rod, I quite agree with you in that it’s monstrous to commit such atrocities and almost as bad to celebrate them. But it isn’t reasonable to suggest or infer that every Ukrainian does this and to condemn the entire country – are we meant to hate the average guy in the street who’s just trying to earn a decent wage and raise his kids the best he can just because some total arseholes committed inexcusable murders 60 years ago? The problem is that in the context of the current war it is very easy to inflame old hatreds and dragging out yesterdays grievances just feeds the flames, and, as always, it’s innocent people who suffer.

    But anyway…

    Most countries are trying to get to the number one spot and most of them get a turn at some point or another – it just so happens that we’re alive when the USA has hold of it – look at your history book, once a nation is at the top of the greasy pole they use every dirty trick in the book to stay there and the yanks are no different. I would respectfully suggest that your country would be no different, it’s human nature. I’m not trying to excuse the US, just explain it. My original home country was Britain and although the certainly took inspiration from the Romans, some of the aristocracy were more inclined toward the Greeks, especially in the bedroom.

  8. This Rocket Launcher works. Look how it is used by Ukraine to bomb Ukranian Cities! Small wonder why the people in there want to secede.

    • this is what you learned from Russia Today channel right? I wonder who has more firing skills – an army or some monkey rebels… hard to decide

    • “Look how it is used by Ukraine to bomb Ukranian Cities!” would be nearer to the truth as “Look how it is used by Russia to bomb Ukrainian Cities!”

        • 248 to be precise (to day). Out of which at least 56 have been destroyed by Ukrainian forces. I have very precise and complete sources…

          Up to you to prove me I’m wrong 🙂

          • Thanks. Please provide your source to check that up. It won’t be a suprise.

            Now please explain why The US and NATO supported the Separatists in Kosovo (with bombing) airstrikes), and now they are against people who want to do the same thing.

            • As you may understand, these sources are confidential. Should they become public, some may have have some bad times in the Russian Army (yes, not everybody in Russia is ok with invading Ukraine…)

              Regarding Kosovo, maybe because there was ethnic cleansing from Serbia (which has never existed in Ukraine, except in some sick minds in the Kremlin)…

              • Confidential? Hahah!! You lost me with that one, sorry. My girlfriend’ mom told me she also has a lot of confidentiasl sources.

                Regarding Serbia, it behaved the same way as Ukraine today. Let me know if it’s OK for you to bomb with planes and rockets your dissident’s homes and towns.

                • It was not ok for the US to invade and topple Saddam. It was not ok for France to bomb and topple Ghaddafi (I am French, by the way). It is not ok for Russia to bomb and invade Ukraine.

                  And, for me and to date, Kosovo is not independent. Neither are Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. I am right in my boots : always the same view on such events. You seem not…

  9. Alain, when you can prove a Grad Rocket Launcher crossed the border and was supplied by Russia, Let me know…

    For the moment, this weapon is in the Ukrainian Army Arsenal. That’s no “assumption”. And it looks it’s being used.

    • Just look at my above comment 🙂

      It’s not an assumption, but a very well sourced information. Up to you to prove me I am wrong. Telling it short is, of course, worthless…

      • There were a lot or serious sources who claimed Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction too. However, I don’t expect the Russians leave alone their kind to be smashed by rockets and tanks from from Ukraine (or NATO, or whoever).

        Much the same way NATO forces didn’t leave alone the Kosovo separatists to be obliterated.

        Why the west suddenly changed its discourse about independence and “self determination” is beyond me.

        • Internal sources from Russian army should be enough 😉

          Regarding the sources of WMD in Irak, none were serious. It was a big shame, and France did not believe it for example. Neither Russia either. Irak was a big mistake for the US. Libya was a big mistake for France. Ukraine is a big mistake for Russia…

          • So your ‘sources’ are serious because you say so?? LOL.

            And the only mistake I see is the prohibition to the people of East Ukraine or Crimea to express what they want. Sometning your ‘sources’ (and you) ignore.

            • Not because I say so… Because I know. Certainly more serious than plenty of other comments here and on other websites. Now you can not believe me. I don’t mind. I know the truth 🙂

              The people of East Ukraine or Crimea have never been prohibited to express what they want. There are “clean” and internationally-recognized ways to get independence :

              What happened in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea was certainly NOT clean and has not and will never be internationally-recognized. Hence the war, which is unfortunately deserved for those who launched it (Russia and its croonies)…

              • You realy I know all this situation, leaders of countries sending you e mails and get you information. ))) I think you just stupid ukrainion troll) Maybe you works on TCH?

  10. I know, that itll be hard to hear the voice of reason, but here are some things to consider:
    a) ukranian army was probably the worst of all armies on the exsoviet soil, with all that corruption and underfounding it was bad even by african standarts. But that was before the war, now the 4th conscription compain is on (the 3 previous waves of conscripts seem to be … em, gone), one can guess the quality of these fighters.
    b)There are many ukr volonteer batalions (Azov, Aidar, Shahtersk, Sich… 100500 of them), part ultranationalist fanatics, part mercs, part former troops of the interior ministry, part criminals. They were given heavy weapons (its about the army and the monkey rebels=)
    c) Ukraine inherited a huge lot of MLRS and artillery from the former USSR, all what was combat worthy, they moved to the ATO zone. These things dont just stand there, they shoot at something (and for months now)
    d)there are lots of remains of Uragan, Smerch rokets, Tochka-U tactical missiles in the eastern-Ukranian cities and towns (see ER post below), the appartment blocks with no upper floors- its the result of their use. The separatists dont have weapons that heavy.

    And its wierd to hear about the Russian army in Ukraine, this ATO BS is going on for months now, but no single solid proof so far. Is it so hard to detect an invading army??

      • If you deny the right Eastern Ukrainians to choose their own fate, you’ll have people rising in arms (and dying).

        But I suppose you don’t need to ask the people of Eastern Ukraine what do they really want, because only you can read their minds. And according to Barack, that’s forbidden, too.

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