Making Photos Around Railway? Get Shot by a Railway Driver

Making Photos Around Railway? Get Shot by a Railway Driver

“Making photos around the railway? You are a terrorist.”, at least this is what Dmitry says. “You can’t count how much the photographers were flipped with a middle finger by the railway drivers. Often the photographers are beaten and their expensive equipment is destroyed.”. And sometimes they even get shot as you can see inside.

Making Photos Around Railway? Get Shot by a Railway Driver

Even that those photos not too clear, one can probably easily read the intentions of the driver here. Making Photos Around Railway? Get Shot by a Railway Driver

“If you get closer to a train driver can throw something at you and/or spill some unknown (you guess what!!) liquids on you”, says Dmitry. The photo above is showing the driver getting ready to spill something on a photographer.

Making Photos Around Railway? Get Shot by a Railway Driver

And on this photo a guy shoots onto the photographer. Actually its a freeze frame from the video below:

As the Dmitry tells the bullet got into the photographer’s finger, of the hand he was using to hold the camera lens.
As Dmitry says they later contacted Railroad management regarding this accident, but all they got is the response that the driver was acting in good manner (quote “was shooting in the air to warn the photographer to get out of the way and not to be injured”, so the driver in question still works in the company.


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  1. Scary how he got away with shooting the photographer. If anyone is a terrorist, it’s the engineer/conductor with the gun who felt it was ok to shoot at an innocent person(just like a terrorist would). If this were in the U.S., the engineer would be thrown in jail for attempted murder. What an animal. I would love to visit Russia someday but it’s kind of scary.

  2. Then you get a rifle with a scope, wait until next time, and fire off a round into the cab. I’m guessing the shattering of the windshield would give them second thoughts about shooting and throwing things at people.
    But, by calling the railroad office, you blew it, you can’t do it now because you would be the first one the cops go to.
    Or you could get some bags of smelly stuff of your own (you guess!) and use a big sling shot to blast it into the cab of the train as it goes by.
    Oh, there’s lots you could do here.

  3. Probably a BB gun/pellet gun. The “dinks” it makes hitting the background and lack of gun shot noise, makes it seem like a BB gun. That and the camera man didn’t scream in pain.

  4. Incredible how much of Russia’s railroad history has been lost because of these kinds of attitudes. I am personally a huge railroad fan, and there is a large model railroad industry around the world (based on local railroading) but when it comes to Russian Models.. there is next to nothing. Keep up the pictures, but don’t get shot for it.

  5. This was always something I found peculiar about Russia. They absolutely do NOT want people taking photos of their trains. Doesn’t matter if it’s the metro, electrichka, passenger or freight, they get really upset about it. Never could understand why. It’s not like railway travel is top-secret cutting edge technology. It’s a train!

    There are many things about Russia that don’t really work properly but one thing that does work is the train service. I’ve often said that if everything in Russia worked even half as well as the trains do, they would rule the world.

    Seems to me that Russia could take a lesson from itself.

  6. Whether it was a toy gun or real one – just, why? Stupid, irresponsible and pathetic. How can these kind of guys get a job? Aren’t there any better people than this available for work in Russia?

  7. this is not true….. rzd railway company had good workplace, somepeoples by gun shot ?? who worker doing the breakway? never that…… want a fire??

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