400 White Trucks for Ukraine




Tens or hundreds white KAMAZ trucks moved to Ukraine’s border tell the news outlets. Some already report that some of those have already crossed the border. Where did they get so many white trucks? A day before photos surfaced posted by some soldier (allegedly) in his social network page how he was bragging that they painted white 400 military trucks. Some photos show the trucks with black registration plates which belong to the army, however what I read from news report that trucks don’t have plates at all.

If those have crossed the border or not, should be probably clear from the next news reports, meanwhile here are the photos of those.

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12 thoughts on “400 White Trucks for Ukraine”

  1. ” however what I read from news report ”
    Don’t trust news report. Even in the West we don’t do it. Always check multiple sources if you want to have a trustworthy picture of the situation.

    Also from the look of it it’ll go like this: Ukraine will find some forbidden materials, then the Russians will say “Whoo, there was only humanitarian aid, Ukraine bad” etc. They don’t even need this convoy reach the place, actually I think Putin hopes it won’t reach Luhansk and Donetsk, so he can say that the west blocks the convoys.

  2. Russians killing Russians…….. why didn’t the CIA come up with that years ago instead of proxy wars… Vietnam, Korea,Afghanistan,etc…… a little propaganda and some hand grenades…. the Russians( “Ukrainians” )do the rest ( just stand back and watch them hurt themselves)……. I will put it in the suggestion box at work…” give American gangs guns and drugs”…. let them kill themselves…. problem solved !…… did somebody already steal my idea ?….( I joke)

  3. oh so people think these trucks are full of military equipment, maybe they are only containing medical aid, we cannot believe what the media says as it is against russia, russia is hated by many due to lies and propaganda made by the US, the US have never been good, they only care about profiteering and control, US wants to control russia, well basically the whole so they can dictate, the US are just like Germany in the world wars.

    our real enemies are the ones (US and euorpe) labeling the others as enemies.

  4. Serghei, did you read above? HISTORICAL FACTS! You trust in China till China will kick your ass… forgot ’80 ? Almost get in war each other… you have short memory my friend and a washed brain also!


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