Some Empty Shelves

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A few days ago Russian government has posted a bill to ban import of different foods coming from Europe and US (also Australia and Canada). It was said that this ban would be active for one year long and its term can be changed at any time. What did they ban? Mostly all dairy and meat products out of these countries, also as I understood all fruit and vegetables are forbidden to import too. People started already posting photos of empty shelves into their blogs and twitters and instagram accounts that are said to be meant display food connected photos in them. News reports says that the trucks full of foreign foods being turned away from the borders.  Some photos here from the shops I stumbled upon today:

Some Empty Shelves

Some Empty Shelves

Some Empty Shelves

Some Empty Shelves

Some Empty Shelves

Some Empty Shelves

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  1. the sad truth is politicians will not face the ban, the one who will suffer are just the normal people like Roman Grishanov 😉

    If only politicians had listened to normal people…..

    greets to normal Russians from Poland

    • I’m sure Russians will survive without Polish apples or rotting meat. Meanwhile your Polish ambassador is begging Americans to buy your poisoned apples on Youtube! Funny the loudest dog to bark about sanctions is the first one to beg to the master.

      If only Polish politicians listened to the people instead of giving blowjobs to the Americans – these are words from your own foreign minister.

      As a Brazilian, our people are more than happy to prosper from the stupidity of America’s dogs in Europe. I hope the Russians enjoy our beef.

      greetings to normal Poles from Brazil

      • Roberta, Polish people survived many wars and will survive this commercial one. I do not think they suffer that much from this boycott, it has been worse when the communist brother w Normal Russian people will.

  2. now they will have to do like the United States…… order fresh produce from the south of the border that is grown in human fecal matter…. and claim that one person didn’t wash their hands that had e.coli on them….. and now the entire crop is contaminated !!! ….good security as well as economic move on Russia’s behalf….

  3. That’s hilarious! Russian Empire can’t feed its own people because it is too busy conquering the world. I wonder what will Russia use to hang capitalists on if the ban on imported string takes effect?

  4. “Sanctions will hit the Western countries harder than they will Russia!”
    Yeeeah, I can see that… Oh, and just so you don’t feel bad that all of our apples will go to waste, Turkey already expressed their interest in buying them instead.

  5. Funny : Kazakhstan and Belarus do not follow the ban. So the products will be freely imported on their territories. And because of the free-trade partnership, it will be possible to freely reimport them into Russia. Thus, the ban is effectively useless…

  6. Very sad, very very sad. Sorry. My condolences.
    I felt Russia had good agriculture and far production with such nice pictures
    here. How come Russia is dependent so much on other Countries for food ? This I don’t understand at all.

  7. Is there any of banned Western products that you use every day and it’s really necessary for every day living. I’m talking about food here not technology, TVs, computers etc. Anyway all technology that you need you can buy from China.
    I’m from EU(Croatia) and I can’t remember a single product that I buy from Western companies. There is a lot of their products here but we actually don’t really need them because we have our own products which are better in quality. I guess that I wouldn’t cry so much for Coca Cola an McDonalds, or low quality Western beers(they have good ones but they’re not on our shelves) or bread baked here which are using some German mixture full of emulsifiers and additives. So I wouldn’t worry too much, Russian people would be healthier from now on.

  8. Russia is a huge country, I have no doubts it can produce all the food its population needs. The control of production and supply of food can be used as a political weapon, so moving to being self-sustaining like this can hurt initially, but will be better. You will have a Russia who is not dependent on other countries to feed her, and that is more than can be said about other countries.

  9. Now where did we see this before? Oh right, back when they had one big dictatorship under which millions and millions of their own people were slaughtered like animals.

  10. no se preocupen hermanos Rusos, latinoamerica les dara todo el alimento necesario para combatir al enemigo EEUU.

  11. Russian brothers not worry, Latin America will give them all the food needed to fight the enemy IMPERIALIST USA.


  12. one thing that I’ve learned from this website is that the former Soviet Union was a vast military and industrial state ! they competed with the United States in every aspect. agriculturally, aerospace, etc. with no reliance on the West……. if they could regain some of their former territories……. they would be unstoppable……… they physically survived “Chernobyl”……. something that would have ruined the United States……. they will survive this with one more scar !

    • Really? They stole just about everything from us. They wouldn’t have had trucks or airplanes had it not been for us giving them to them, and they copying them. Or them sending agents over here to steal secrets from us.
      Better go back and hit the books some more, there’s a WHOLE LOT you don’t know.

    • This is a joke right? USSR was only competing on the military side (including aerospace). The rest was the result of a propaganda. Same like the one North Korea has now. People were dying of hunger and stores were empty most of the times. Ask some Ukrainians to talk about holodomor…
      For the Chernobyl part of your comment, I prefer to let you live in your alternate reality than proving you drugs are bad…

  13. Russia and Russian people will survive like they always do and did.
    Western Europe is meanwhile being populated by muslims and africans. France is now the muslim capital of Europe lol. England,Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Spain are to follow..
    Stupid leftist liberals 😀

    • You joker ! There are by far much more Muslims in Russia than in any western European country 🙂 Around 20 millions, compared to about 4 millions in France. So Russia is now the Muslim capital of Europe LOL 😀

      • Alain,

        4 mio ??? sorry to say but you are either blind or completely deluded …

        France is occupied by more than 6 millions Muslims ~ 10% of its population and it is growing everyday !!

        And what a nice bunch some of them are : According to a recent opinion poll, 16% of French citizens have a positive opinion of ISIS. This increases to 27% for those aged 18-24…

        Even former French minister Jack Lang proudly proclaimed (beginning of August at the IMA) that Paris was a great arab capital city “Paris est une grande capitale arabe”.

        Wakey-wakey …

        • Sorry guy…

          And about the poll :

          (typical Russian propaganda)

          Given your nickname, you ought to be French. So I guess, given your opinion, that you vote for MLP and believe her fairy tales…

          • Actually nobody knows for sure Alain, since it is Illegal to publish the number of muslims in France. Maybe the French Gvt knows but it tries to hide the real figure anyway…

            One thing is for sure, is that the muslim population is rising all over Europe. Countries like France, the UK, Germany will whithin one generation count between 15/20% muslims.

            If Turkey, who with Quatar supports actively radical Islam, joins the EU it will amount to more than a quarter with 10/15 years…

            But I guess idiots prefer to burry their head in the sand & argue whether Marinne LePen’s numbers are 100% or only 95% correct more that looking at the big picture and realise the acute threat Europe faces.

    • To be precise : there is about 10% more Muslims in ALL western European countries (including former Yugoslavia and Albania) than in Russia. So, less then in Russia without former Yugoslavia and Albania. Russia is definitely the biggest Muslim country in Europe, by far and for long 🙂

    • FYI only 8% of the people are muslim in France. The fact they are more visible in the media does not mean they are the majority.

  14. The Cold War of the 21st century has begun.Next all McDonald’s,KFC,ect..restaurants will be closed.After that Ford,Chevrolet,ect will shut down.Has anyone seen the back fold in pic of the October 2014 Mad magazine yet?I saw it at the city library.

  15. Funny, all the excess finnish cheese & other dairy meant for the russian market is being dumped on the finnish market, for about half the normal price. People call it Putin-cheese and hoard it 🙂

  16. Russia banned many european exports. From spain, where I live, mainly fruits and vegetables, and cheese of course 🙂

    I work into the automotive and no ban has been applied to machinery or manufactured goods. That doesn’t make any sense… as the sheet metal parts can’t be eaten easily hahaha

    That makes no sense. The russian citizens are not involved into the Ukraine stuff, neither the Europeans or Spanish who supplies you FOOD!

    Hopefully it will end soon in a peaceful way.

    By the way I wish to remind you all… that nationalities are just an historic coincidence… so take it easy!!!

  17. We Finns would very much like to sell our dairy produce (milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.) to Russians, who like them because of their high quality. The current situation is madness.

  18. mostly all US products are poison filled anyways. especially the meat. Not to mention in the next 50 years the landscape of the world is going to change so much. If domestic food production does not start now the world over, there will be really large problems.(already seeing it now as California turns to its new normal state as a proper desert and not arid land). its difficult no doubt, but as someone else commented, this is just one store with almost entirely foreign products. as someone mentioned, this is propaganda. Seriously though, US meat products are poison.

  19. So how is the market in the Ikea Mega Mall doing?Maybe there will be no more cold wars,just the constant complaints at each other and maybe a sanction or 2.No more communism and the capitalism with its tax dollars-or rubles-for the Russian cities has a strong hold.There is too much America in Russia,it would be a big job to exclude it all!

    I wonder if some of Putin’s actions has something to do with his divorce…

  20. Now I realize that EU & USA are wrong… In Russia, the most important aliment it’s Vodka. So Russia will survive with success 😀 !

  21. This is old soviet relations tactics! You blame the other countries for why you have no food even thou your government is the ones keeping the food from you. Trust me I have seen it in out leader! It’s a tried and true communist tactic. The republicans shut down the government and the only things that got effected was what the people wanted. Everything else went like a clockwork.

  22. Okay, it may look crazy from a outsider perspective, but personally I think that, even if the intended effects of the ban (Weakening the exports from other EU countries) won’t work as intended, this ban hopefully will improve Russian home industry. After all, its not like they just ran out of food, just are banning excess produce and dairy that are not vital to the people, and luxury goods like imported cheese. If they manage to survive this little “empty shelf crisis” they’ll manage to be a more self sustaining country.

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