6 thoughts on “Life in the Russian Countryside, Happy One”

  1. Country side is good. Will be nice to see one article or set of pictures here on landscape painters, artists in Russia, their works, the material they use, art schools in Russia etc., Art is the soul of life, it connects us all better and helps us express ourselves.

    Some people talk about only tech all the time and are not interested in art. Such a life feels robotic for me.

  2. I agree with Barrie and Bjorn. You cannot miss it if you never had it. But they look like they have a lot of love, happiness, and good food. I wish the best for this family. Thank you for the post.

  3. Living in country side and living in the city are very much different.
    In the country side, there are no mall, no. McD, no Starbucks, no KFC, no Burger King, etc.. No traffic jam, no pollutant…

    But… there are also no factory to produce something to sell, no international trade and business..


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