Gas Station Blew Up: Video


If you ever wondered how does gas station blows up in real life and not in movies, then this is how. Real action starts after the first minute of this video. By the way the gas station brand was “EXSON” (not Exxon). There are numerous fake names of the gas stations mocking world known brands in Dagestan, Russia, where this happened.

5 thoughts on “Gas Station Blew Up: Video”

    • There is leakage of liquid propane before the explosion, can be hardly seen behind the tree.
      Propane is heavier than air so it spreads horizontally. Somewhere behind the tree it finds a source of heat and the whole place blows up. Watch how quickly the flame propagates, gas fuel can make a hell quicker than you imagine!
      As a member of a group responsible for an industrial 80-ton propane tank, I’m going to keep this video for the next safety course, thanks for sharing.

      • It’s more likely to be Biogas rather then Propane as it is a gas station. The heatsource is probably the car that stops by to the left of the tree.

        Looks like they closed the street before the explosion occured too, excellent work. It would have been a bad decision trying to stop the leakage and the only thing left to do when a fire like this happen is to wait for the gas to burn out.

  1. The propane has been light by the car on the road. The worst part is, that the man on the street gets burned so fast, all his clothes have burnt of immedatly. Can you confirm?

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