One Weird Car


What is this car? Somebody sent it in as one he saw on the Russian Roads. It looks particularly weird from behind. The lights remind me of an old ferrari or corvette but the overall back looks like an old tv-set to me. Any thoughts on what this is?

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17 thoughts on “One Weird Car”

  1. I remember seeing a photo of a similar car. Russian design. Unfortunately can’t remember the designer. But the headlights were very similar and was a sedan/coupe.

  2. It’s self made car) In USSR and Russia some people know how made plastic body)Some parts from lada, some parts from volga(rear wheels and other), some parts from(any car), custom plastic body, that’s all)

  3. Has anyone seen the Delorian time machine car from the American movie Back to the Future? That’s the kind of car I would like to see!


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