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      • Yes and know. The pattern was created by an American. The pattern was adopted by the Europeans in Afghanistan. Then the US army realized there camouflage was junk. Then they were forced to use it.

    • @Nick
      Wrong. Looks you ignore the camo patterns of your own US Army…. I don’t know why some American kids write so much ignorant crap.

  1. The AK’s are NOT for special forces,you morons!!!!!!!The AK is good for war,not for discrete missions!!!But russians are russians.After two bottles of vodka…….

    • Actually AK-47s are used by all sorts of special forces. Have you read about the raid on Entebbe? Seals are also trained in the use of AK-47s and so are the U.S.Army special forces. AKs are good anywhere you want an ultimately reliable weapon. With the correct ammo an AK can give minute of angle groups at 100 yds, no sweat.

      • Nobody uses AK-47 now, except maybe for some somalian pirates, and for the simple reason – the production of that gun stopped in the early 60’s last century))
        And these guys on pics use the late-production AK-74’s and AK-100-something series

        • I have actually heard from some SF operators from Russia say that they prefer the AK47 due to penetration of cover objects. There is some dissatisfaction with the lighter AK74 round.

  2. I like AKs very much. I prefer my m-4 for its lighter ammo, but AKs are so reliable it is hard to dislike them. My primary carry is an East German Makarov with a couple of spare clips, the Beretta is so damned heavy, but I would happily use an AK anytime anywhere.

  3. Note the american parts on the guns. Lots of US Optics, I spotted a few Eotechs, a Aimpoint comp m4, one AK has a Magpul stock.

    I’m no expert but why would US parts and uniform camo be so common.

    • True Tailo , I see more US made Eotechs than Russian EKP-Kobra.

      but then again, the US Army seems to prefer Swedish Aimpoint or Canadian Elcan …

    • They work. The camo is not US standard, look closer. No one has spent as much time on developing parts for AKs and other rifles as the US commercial market has. SF soldiers of all nations are aware of market developments in all other nations. I have used some Russian aim points and similar equipment on my AK, the equipment was bulkier and heavier as a rule, it worked just as well. Extra weight is a no-no to any SF soldier in the field, added unnecessary bulk reduces combat efficiency. US equipment is a lot lighter, due to competing companies touting light weight as a selling point.

    • If the U.S. Navy DEVGRU is anything to go by, Russian SF have a lot of leeway in customizing their weapons. It’s irritating because the Russian military is so secretive. I can read all day about SEALS and Delta, but not much on Spetznaz (in English or I haven’t looked recently). I understand the reason, but damn, it’d be fascinating as hell to read up on the modern spetznaz.

  4. I read in Russian a blog of one of the guys that works in the special police unit in Russia. He writes articles about his upgrades and a kind of impressions/opinions about their guns and other equipment like armored KAMAZ, GLONASS navigator, Sako TRG-22 sniper rifle and other. It seams that a bit of foreign equipment is bought by the Russian government. Also the level of government “love” depends on the “level of importance” of the unit. But a lot of upgrades they buy them self. Their life depends on their equipment so some of them invest quite a lot on upgrades – not only guns, but also anything that the carry on them. One of the bad things he says is that the ones who buy in the government – do not ask the guys who use the equipment what do they need.
    BTW. His comments on AK (and one of his favorites is AK-74). AK are more reliable then other guns, but he says – don’t make a mistake! At the end it will also jam. Also he was even more critical about the AK 100 series. They are made to be even more precise so this means smaller gaps between parts – more chances to jam. He even mentioned need for a dedicated lubricant. BTW the old AK models seem to have high bore wear with today’s ammunition. Another of AK’s old problems is its ergonomics.

  5. Wow, it looks their equipment suppliers are the same ones who sell to the American and various Euro SF. That’s not a bad thing, special units get more money, better equipment and training.

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