13 thoughts on “Competition of Russian Sappers”

  1. This site gets access to Russian Defense pictures so fast and so easily. So basically, it is a Propaganda site of the Russian Government with some goodies mixed in from time to time to keep folks comming.

    Just like Shortwave radio was used in the past.

    • You are Stupid, in Russia everyone can get access to Russian Defense site’s,
      where you can look for newest pictures, Majority of pictures presented here originated from warspot.ru (also private owned Site 🙂 )!
      Russia is NOT Communist country anymore
      (Now,over 20 years)
      Btw. sad thing is that, if we speak about freedom of speech
      Present U.S.(with Obama slave Administration = Slaves to IMF )

      Anyhow present, United states Union look like
      New..Soviet Union!

    • You are very stupid) In the photo weekdays engineering troops, I was interested to see them. And no matter what the army. But if it forces of the Russian Federation it is propaganda, and if the US army? I bet you would write good guys. This means propaganda.

  2. Common Civilians can’t get such pictures. For sure, US is not looking great either agreed.

    Entire world is going towards tech, finance, weapons and war mostly. This is sad failure of humanity itself.

    • I’m a civilian and I get them we all do who subscribe. On another matter I see where you are coming from Barrie D Davey

    • They let bloggers visit probably everything and go almost everywhere these days in Russia, so don’t write BS. And visit militaryphotos.net, you can see ALL military pics from all countries in there (BTW, the Russian thread there is the largest)

  3. I am a nature lover. I love to see all the landscape pictures here, they give me great pleasure, like taking a mini vacation for me, specially when stressed. Hats off to all those photographers who shared them here.

    Personally I feel that we have wayyy tooo much tech in this world itself. I use IT as little as needed and avoid it as much as possible. So, in real life, those into IT and other tech a lot avoid me fast.


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