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  1. They are so-so-so funny!!! I mean articles in modern German magazines (Die welt, Spiegel). These Germans still crying, that it was a crime, that Soviets had no right to made this walk across Moscow. I think that soon they will said, that these poor innocent germans were victims of Stalin’s monsters. Oh, these european barbarians, they never feel guilty and always ready for the new crimes.

    • Please post a link to these articles. Der Spiegel does not claim that “this walk across Moscow” was a crime. On the contrary, it well admits that all what happened to Germans at the end of and after the war came as result of the ultimate crime of starting the war in the first place. I do not regularily read Die Welt but I bet they say the same.

  2. It actually was violation of the Geneva Convention regarding the treatment of prisoners of war. However, the way the Germans and Russians treated each other’s prisoners on the Eastern front made this a relatively minor violation compared to the travesties being inflicted in POW camps on both sides.

    I’m curious how many Germans would have been captured by the Russians without the American weapons, trucks, food, etc,etc,etc we shipped across the North Atlantic? Since the Soviet leadership was too busy denouncing and executing each other to prosecute the war efficiently.

    Today you’re reduced to shooting down civilian airliners. At least they don’t shoot back.

    • Your are very misguided if you think the Western Front was anything else than a sideshow compared to the Eastern Front. Obviously the Soviets made a lot of mistakes, but they still defeated Nazi Germany for the rest of Europe. I am very sorry that ordinary Russians suffered because of the errors of the Soviet leadership during the war, just think how much quicker the Nazis could have been defeated if Stalin hadn’t ignored the warnings of his spies as to the start of Barborossa and the atmostphere of fear Berias NKVD created. HOWEVER as bad as these things were and the courage of the Russian peoples, I belive it was necessary to have a hardened dictatorship in the USSR in order to defeat the Germans. A democracy would have surrendered to German after suffering just a tenth of the horrors inflicted on the Soviet population.

    • You’re a joke. The only reason the Yanks got involved in WW2 was because Britain didn’t fall like the rest of Western Europe. The Americans planned to wait for total Nazi control and start negotiations. As for Russia, without them we would all be speaking German.

    • Look who’s talking. A typical arogant american hypocrite. Was it not your country that shot down a civilian Iranian airliner in 1988, was it not your country that created the tourture prison of Guantanamo without regard to any human rights or human dignity? Was it not your country that sponsored the outbreaks of civil war in Libya, Egypt, Syria and now the Ukraine? Was it not your country that invaded Iraq under false pretences in pursuit of a new world order just like the Nazis in WWII? Was it not your country that bombed civilians in Belgrade and supported the violent break-up of Yugoslavia? Is it not your country that supports Israel’s war crimes and ethnic genocide against the Palestinians? Is it not your country that kills children in Pakistan and Afghanistan with drones? Is it not your country that is hiding all evidence about the downing of the Malaysian airliner earlier this year and the one last week? Is it not your country that makes parody of justice, democracy and rule of law – all in the interests of american hegemony and imperialism? Well, I have news for you – your time is over, the evel american empire’s time is over. The world is no longer unipolar. Get used to it.

      • Dont forget Kosovo and the imprisonment of Serbian officers and generals in the Hague. Don’t forget Krajina and the atrocities committed over there with the help of the Americans.

        • The Americans were no better than the Russians in the Balkans. In fact the mess in the Balkans can be directly traced to the maddness of the Czar who supported Serbian terrorists at the urging of the French.

          What an unholy trio.

      • Ivanoff:

        Its off to the re education camps for you. Only a man so deluded could offer the detruction of an Iranian airliner which refused to respond to repeated orders and then ignore KAL flight 007 destruction. As regards Gitmo, surely Americans need your instruction when it comes to torture and abuse of human rights. Have any poointers for such dull Americans. I have heard endless tales from Estonians, Latvians, Ukranians, and Lithuanians, not to mention the lesser subject peoples or slaves as the Russians called them who were subject to the tender mercies of Moscow. Care to remind us why the USA felt compelled to invade the peace loving Iraqi nation headed by noted human rights activitist Saddam Hussein. Only the truly ignorant deny he had WMDs, although the real reason for the war was Saddam’s repeated violations of the armistice. But the USA should have just used the rationale of the politboro in Moscow for invading Poland, Germany, Hungary amd Czechlosvakia during its heyday when it cited its determination to support human rights and dignity. So touching.

        As for supporting Israel, any civilized nation that supports the opponents of Israel is neither civilized nor a nation but rather a bunch of terrorists who wear the mask of a saddist. A communist who cites the rule of law is truly the epic height of hipocrisy.

        • Kirov,

          I’ve heard stories from Jewish POWs and how your orderly Nazi friends treated them. The Estonians, Latvians, Ukrainians and Lithuanians were all too happy to kill the Jewish people residing in their realms. Take a look at the post-war Jewish populations in the Baltics to get a better idea.

          You talk about WMDs in Iraq, where are they? America funds ISIS in Syria, but bombs them in Iraq. Funny, no? Iraq was better off without monstrous Albright/Bush/Blair apologists like yourself.

  3. tanksoldier … The Soviets did not violate the Geneva Convention because they were not signatory. Review your history before showing how ignorant you are.

  4. According with the history facts, Russians was no better than Germans in WW2. To not forget that in 1939 both countries start aggression in Europe. If Hitler had been inspired to not attack first in west…

    • “…Russians was no better than Germans in WW2….”. Rubbish. That’s another NeoNazi apologist fantasy crap you find in KKK Trash sites these days.

      If the Soviets had behaved just in the same way as the Nazis did, East Germany would have been entirely depopulated, with everybody killed horribly in just 4 years of ‘occupation’.

  5. What i find sad is that russians show a complete lack of education and history lessons. Its so sad…
    I just say: stalin was responsible for about 30 million russian deaths during and after ww2. Thats like 2x the victims germans inflicted….
    Go figure…

    • Says who? You? Post Cold War Historians have about 10-15 Million deaths by paranoid Stalin.

      Your Adolf was responsible for some 25 Million CIVILIANS dead in his wars in the East only, or 50-60 Million “white” Europeans dead in Europe in just 6 years in his war for Getrman “living space”.
      Thanks for the laughs.

      “…complete lack of education and history lessons…”. LOL. You describe yourself so well. Must be that undefrunded education system…

  6. More…. why when u see images from 3rd world countries all weapons you see are russian and not american?!? Seems inteligence left russians aside….

  7. It’s always striking at the movies from youtube, where the victory parade with the 60,000 Germans in Moscow on 17 July 1944, reminds me of an enormous dark snake between a white crowd of Russians paves. Hitler was lucky that he was not heard by this prisoners of war and Stalin even the streets below symbolic hosing after the Germans were paraded to the station. Ironically were therefore the countless footsteps of Muscovites took over again after they cleaned off the street but those Georgian bastard always had both the Russians and the Germans regarded as enemies, the filthy traitor!

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