Once A Super Secret Russian City Fully Abandoned Today


Post-Soviet countries are full of abandoned military places, but Gudym or secret base Anadyr-1, must be the coolest among them all. Geographically it’s the closest to the USA and for obvious reasons it had enough missiles to fully destroy Alaska, Washington state, California and part of South Dakota. Probably similar bases existed on the American side. Unfortunately, what was previously a super secret city surrounded by numerous military units does not have a future anymore. It is abandoned forever…


No transport goes to Gudym. Maybe some taxi would agree to take you there. Just like this one.


Taxi’s driver Victor has been living here since he was two years old.


Few kilometers from the airport and you see the first of the abandoned objects.


These are the “roads” we have to overcome to get to Gudym.


Most drivers refuse to go here.


Gudym lies in the valley between the hills. Locals knew that some military units were built here but the territory was closed.


The place is overgrown with various legends, it’s hard to tell the truth from fiction today. The city started its combat alert duty in 1961 though it didn’t exist on maps then. Officially it was called Anadyr-1, but people called it Gudym in honor of Colonel Gudymov who was at the head of city construction and committed suicide under strange circumstances right after the work was done. One legend is connected with his death – some people say he received an anonymous telegram from the U.S.A. by which he was cordially congratulated with the successful construction of the secret military base…


The glorious story of Gudym ended comparatively not so long ago. The military units were disbanded and the city was abandoned in 2002. Most of its former citizens live in Saratov and Engels now.



The city was plundered by those who stayed in Chukotka and they keep coming for bricks, stone, planking…


What does the city represent today?

It is intended for about five thousand citizens – approximately fifty buildings – some are wooden, others are made of stone. All of them are empty today. The population mainly consisted of officers’ families.


This house is rather beautiful but it’s too risky to go inside, it may collapse at anytime.


Such wooden corridors hide communications and tubes. Nothing was buried in the ground, houses were built on piles because if any emergency situation would occur they would never be able to dig them out.


“Navy is the main component of the maritime potential”.


The soldier has become too rusty.


One of the military buildings with paintings of an unknown artist on it.


Rather tough inside..


It could be a headquarters.


By the way, they left not only the uniform but secret documentation, too.


“Military units are a threat to the world”.


This was a canteen.


Cans in the drugstore…


“Only loving what you do and having personal diligence you will be able to perform the tasks of the year 2001”.


It seems militarymen were trying to destroy something in the most reliable and widely known method – by burning.


Each thing was bought for money from Soviet citizens… It’s easier to pull down than to build…


Shopping mall which had a wide range of products as they say.


This is what it looks like today.


Gudym is a dead city today, a ghost city…


Snow does not fully melt, even at the end of June.


No spy helicopters flew over Anadyr-1 in the Soviet time… Today it is more than possible.


You can see how many buildings just burnt down.


The highest buildings had only three floors – lower structures were harder to notice from the air?



Pipes have been stolen.


In the houses – some doors are still there.





Yes, deer in a gas mask.


There is another settlement not so far away but the road is flooded and it is very hard-to-reach.


The bridge is in a miserable condition.


Barbed wire used to separate civil life from the military one.


From here they were watching the peaceful life of the settlement.


They had some fortifications and fire positions. Strangely enough, they are mostly directed to Gudym. Didn’t they trust their own people? Or were they afraid of American landing troops?


This was a super secret object or object “S”, it was built in 1958 and started functioning in 1961. Its purpose was storage and maintenance of nuclear weapons. It has multi-kilometer tunnels and complete anti-nuclear protection. In the picture above is one of entrance portals. Locals have attempted many times to get inside so the portals were welded up by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In vain as you can see. The only thing that could prevent people from getting inside was a heap of snow..


This is exactly where they kept warheads of so dangerous missiles able to destroy multiple objects on the American west.


According to one of the legends here were kept captured secret Nazi archives belonging to Ahnenerbe organization.


One of the decaying tunnels.


Such constructions were really much too expensive. That money would be enough to let citizens live much better than they did or to build a network of highways between the cities. What they have today is nothing – no highways, no money, only ruined objects. Searching for enemies must be more interesting for Russia than development…

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  1. “That money would be enough to let citizens live much better than they did or to build a network of highways between the cities. What they have today is nothing – no highways, no money, only ruined objects. Searching for enemies must be more interesting for Russia than development…”

    If it wasn´t (where) for this protection and indeed it´s warheads Russia would have (and will be) been invaded and i can assure you that the US, having destroyed it´s main adversary and ukrainized & IMF:ed it, wouldn´t invest 1 dollars worth in anything. Im sure some Americanized Russianliberal potheads would love that but you wouldn´t get anything out of it either…

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