We Dont Like Your Plates Sir


If you have the number 666 on your car’s number plate, be ready to face religious activists that will use spray paint to ruin your plate, your car and your day. At least this is what happened in Moscow a few days ago. It’s interesting that they didn’t just spray paint on the number plate but also deliberately painted out the “KIA” logo of the car, like they have something against this word too. Also it seems that the number 777 is not what they like, either.

Also the paint color choice was some tint of gold or bronze.

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10 thoughts on “We Dont Like Your Plates Sir”

    • but 666 its the devil no..lol…and 777 is the gamblers no…:))…and by the way,i like no.8 too,it should be lucky for me,because it was my dad favorite no…:(

    • yah,you’re so d…right,and for this you deserve a golden color too,it really fit you…and by the way,i forgot…keep on being yourself

  1. It’s argued by historical translators that it should be 616. It might be a cheaper private plate to buy and no gold paint jobs ether!


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