9 Russia Sixty Years Ago

Russia Sixty Years Ago

Semyon Fridlan was a Russian photographer that worked at the state owned magazine, OGONYOK. He was a photographer who had the chance to travel to numerous Russian places and document in color life at the time. His topics of interest were out of different spheres - he took photos of people, of the cities, of plants and nature, art pieces and trains -
virtually everything he could find an inspiration in. They said at the time that his photos were lost but then at some point in time the American (!) researchers found his photos on Agfacolor film, they scanned them and published them. Thanks to this work we can get a glimpse of a country sixty years ago. Here we go:
10 We Dont Like Your Plates Sir

We Dont Like Your Plates Sir

If you have the number 666 on your car's number plate, be ready to face religious activists that will use spray paint to ruin your plate, your car and your day. At least this is what happened in Moscow a few days ago. It's interesting that they didn't just spray paint on the
number plate but also deliberately painted out the "KIA" logo of the car, like they have something against this word too. Also it seems that the number 777 is not what they like, either. Also the paint color choice was some tint of gold or bronze.

9 Kruber Cave, the Deepest One In the World

Kruber Cave, the Deepest One In the World

The Voroniya cave (Kruber caves or Krubera-Voronya) is the world's deepest cave that has been studied by specialists. It is situated in the massif Arabika of the Ghagra mountain range, in Abkhazia, Georgia. The cave has two branches: Novokuibyshevskaya (1300 meters deep) and Main (2196 meters deep), the second ramifies into several smaller branches. The depth of the Voronya cave is 2140 (± 9) meters (7020 ft (± 29)). The previous record was set in 2001 by the Russian-Ukrainian team who found the cave area at 1710
meters deep. In 2004, during three research expeditions, the depth of the cave was recorded deeper and deeper. They crossed the mark of 2000 m under the ground. In the history of speleology it happened for the first time. October 2005 brought new sensational results - the cave turned out to be even deeper. The expedition of CAVEX team confirmed that presently the depth of the cave is reaching 2140 (± 9) meters (7020 ft (± 29)) under the ground. Can you imagine how deep that is?

4 Moscow Great Hurricane of 1904

Moscow Great Hurricane of 1904

Some say hurricanes or tornadoes are not possible in the center of Russia, in Moscow city. However in 1904 there was an event that shocked most of the people who saw it. The giant pillar of swirling air dropped on the suburbs of Moscow and swept through what was mainly the suburbs of Moscow at time. Tens or hundreds of houses
were demolished, and train cars and carriages were thrown around. All of this was preceded by a hail storm with hail the size of goose eggs. The photo above might be the only photo of the actual hurricane pillar, however inside there are plenty of more photos of this natural event and its aftermath.

6 Russian Restaurant and Its Owner. 100 Years Ago.

Russian Restaurant and Its Owner. 100 Years Ago.

How did a restaurant in Russia looked around hundred years ago. What type of gentlemen frequented the place and what did the interiors look like? Is it something similar to newly made, often kitschy eateries after almost eighty years of Soviet people eating in state-owned Stolovaias (all restaurants in USSR belonged to the Soviet state)? If you are curious
about these things (like I am) then you have a chance to take a look at "Luna-park". This is what a restaurant in Moscow was called at the beginning of the 20th century, before the Revolution, and this guy in the photo is its owner, as you probably has guessed already. Photos can be viewed in higher resolution by clicking on them.

1 Belarus Parade

Belarus Parade

In Belarus they also have parades. Pavel, photographer, has visited the event to see the army of this country on parade. "This is murder!", says Pavel, "a murder of the pavement of our city! Yes, we have a glorious past but why should
we destroy roads paved with our tax money with those tanks?" Looks like this what people think about their parade. At least Pavel does. But here are some photos he took, so what does the Belarus army have in store? 

7 The Yacht of Tsar

The Yacht of Tsar

"Pelorus" is a yacht that belonged to Abramovich, formerly Russia's richest man. The biggest at the time, the most luxurious, etc. But what did the Russian elite use a
hundred years ago? Here is the boat "Livadia" named after a resort in Crimea, which has been used by the Russian Tsar (what could be more elite at time?)

5 Motorbike Made of Wood

Motorbike Made of Wood

Ok, I haven't seen anything like this before. Please meet a 1:1 wooden motorcycle replica with intricate detailing, all made from wood, all real life sized. As the source reports, a guy called Yury decided to make something
unusual as the new year (2014) dawned in January. He has chosen a Soviet IZH-49 motorbike as a target to apply his wood crafting skills. So this is what he did. Tires, exhaust pipe, everything from wood.

8 WW2 Plane Saved and Restored from the Bottom of Lake

WW2 Plane Saved and Restored from the Bottom of Lake

Remember how we showed you a WW2 tank that they pulled out of the river? Yes, that was their fifty-fifth operation of pulling large WW2 machinery from the bottom of Russian rivers and lakes. However this is something different - this time another group of enthusiasts have pulled a real WW2 plane out of the lake and fully repaired it so that the plane that you can see in the air in the picture above is a real WW2 plane they recovered. The group of people went to the no man's land in distant parts
of Russia and pulled the old war plane from the bottom of a lake which didn't belong to anybody, then restored it investing some of their resources, and ultimately got a free plane! See how those Red star wings looked when they were freshly recovered from the lake mud. I find it interesting how they pull them out -  they put car tires on the wings and around the body of the plane, then inflate them so that the plane rises up from the bottom. See it here:
6 The Pacific “Berkut” Oil Rig is the Biggest One

The Pacific “Berkut” Oil Rig is the Biggest One

The platform "Berkut", the installation of which will be completed in the next few days, is 25 kilometers from the northern part of Sakhalin Island, offshore in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, on
the Russian Pacific coast. According to experts, after reaching full capacity, the platform will be the largest in the world by the volume of hydrocarbons produced per year.

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