6 thoughts on “The World Festival of Youth and Students 1957”

  1. The Soviet Union may have failed but not the ideology…. the US with its economic boycotts, terrorism and sanctions makes a damn good effort to ensure that Socialism does not succeed in spite of the equal failure of Capitalism ref: nationalisation of extraordinary private sector banking debts and the impoverishment of the state and ordinary citizens. The ideals of Socialism are good, the Stalinist implementation less so, but not entirely deficient of good either.

    • Russia was populated with many smart, cultured people who couldn’t make the ideology work. Of course the smartest ones were shot first by Lenin, but still.

      • You are ignorant. USSR failed because of one person. Gorbachev. He sold USSR and its concepts for his own “foundations” in the west. Many inventions came from USSR. It was only unfortunate that those very bright people didnt have the chance to lead it. Instead it was lead by the political stooge who knew nothing about managing country and economy.

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