Mysterious Stone Balls


The Champ island is very popular among tourists who sail on a cruise to the Arctic. And no wonder, it has strange objects, the origin of which is still not clear, and this puzzle is not expected to be solved in the near future.


This Island is one of many islands in the Arctic archipelago of Franz Josef Land, which belongs to the most remote corners of Russia and practically has not been studied. The grounds of this island is relatively small (375 square kilometers) and are attractive and picturesque and are untouched by civilization. Arctic landscapes but with mysterious stone balls of a pretty impressive size and a perfectly round shape that causes the numerous conjectures about their appearance on these uninhabited lands.


The strange round stones are of various sizes – from greater than human height down to very small – the size of a ping-pong ball; some of them are ideal cannonballs. Many stones have lost their round shape due to the impact of strong winds, low temperatures and water, becoming similar to the other boulders.

Perfectly round boulders are scattered around the island, supposedly growing out of the ground. Melting glaciers expose the surface of the island, washing away the rounded forms.

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The dimensions of many balls are up to several meters (some of them difficult to cover completely by three people), but also there are stone beads of a perfectly round shape from a few centimeters in diameter.



Today there are several theories about the origin of these mysterious balls, though each of them is not ideal and generally does not answer many questions related to these mysterious objects on the Island Champ.

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Were they always here or were they moved from somewhere – this also is a question…



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  1. As you may know there are similiar stones in Central America. Likewise are inexplicable. Outside the , so called scientific media, there are informations staten that such structures were built by the advanced civilizations of remote eras.One of the methods mentioned is that there was a formula in which vegetable substances , were mixed with sand, etc., generating stones and not concrete.Of course would require perfect moulds. Thats the reason they mention “advanced ” civilizations.

    • Or you just do it like Wikipedia and call them concretion: – it wouldn’t be so beautifully mysterious, bur maybe true.

    • Thanks for your reply.Could be the process mentioned , but I doubt this could achive the smoth an perfection displayed in the photos. Anyway similar “formations” exits in central america (in basalt,sandstone,..)and for me was a surprise to see equivalent in Russia.


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