On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

There was a war here 20 years ago. Now everything looks peaceful and beautiful.

On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

Our wonderful and reliable guide to Magomed Ahriev. In the background there is Guloyhiyskoe Gorge (near towers Ghul).

On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

The tower of Village Ghul. In the background there is a gorge that leads to Chechnya. Alas, the drive there is unreal.

On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

76-year old Bai-Ali Nagadiev is the only  person that lives in Ghul.

On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

View of the village Tsori from  Ghul.

On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

Sunset in the mountains.

On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

A tower in the fog.

On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia

The Magoi-Dgell tower.


24 thoughts on “On the Border of Chechnya and Georgia”

  1. Another failed U.S. attempt at proxy wars with Russia…captured U.S. and Israeli weapons !(Google)….Of course when the west turns the Ukraine into a slaughterhouse, the democraticly minded liberals will believe that Russia caused it. the last 3 survivors left can declare it as a democracy ! When will NATO and the U.N. free the state of Texas ? It should legally belong to Mexico ?????….. oh wait, I forget about the double standards…….

    • Bob your eyes are so full of hate you can’t see clearly. You jump to conclusions with out even thinking about what you are saying. First of all your comment about Texas is so small minded and wrong it proves you don’t have a clue what you are talking about… Texas doesn’t want to be part of Mexico first of all. It’s not like a majority in Texas want to be Mexican . In America we are more logical about things. You want to live in Mexico you MOVE to Mexico not ask Mexico to cause havoc in your area. And the fact that you bring up Texas as the major issue proves you know nothing about us history… And my other pet peeve is why does every one refer to NATO as a ruling organization like the UN? NATO is a defence alliance that has no right to tell any country what to do. NATO has the right to their opinion but can not tell any one to give up anything.. The UN has no intrest in what happened over 100 years ago. Now onto the next step. Who does the world call on when they need help? Miners in south,planes crashing in the ocean, kidnapped children, tsunami’s, heck every major natural disaster, pirates , the list goes on and on. Doctors In remote country’s. The USA is called for help all the time. You seem to forget that when something major happens the USA is called first and responds instantly. When was the last time a country called Russia for help after a natural disaster.. where is Russia’s help looking for those kidnapped children? Where is every other countrys underwater drone looking for the MH370 ? This isn’t a USA vs any one rant but let’s be fair here and recognize the positives the USA does all over the world. The positives far out weigh the wrongs.

    • It is time to open a book bob. Read Anna Politkovskaïa and you might get some knowledge about the war in Chechnya.
      Get some education and travel around the globe you will be surprised to see how wrong you are. I feel sorry for you because it seems you are just a poor victim of the Russian propaganda.

  2. …U.S. and “Western” special forces have arrived in the area !(Google) …..U.S. Navy…..”23 men go down, 46 couples come up”……gay rights and ladies under pants for all !…..might need to go back to the U.S.dand make your streets safe for your wives and kids……or maybe they are busy robbing and killing people themselves……America will be a third world country by 2050 A.D. no matter how many people they kill……if they would just hurry up and take your guns away……

  3. Have to agree with Bob …….. In my opinion the US is indeed an unfortunate race of people, a race who clearly need a war going on in order to ensure their economic survival. Always the US will get involved in virtually anything and anywhere …….. for that same reason and to endeavour to rule the world. Trouble is they can’t, won’t and wouldn’t have the mentality anyway.
    But they are happy getting involved in everyone else’s business, and in between killing themselves due to their ‘gung ho’ gun laws.

  4. One good movie – “Tangerines” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2991224/

    Not Chechnya vs Georgia, but old estonian in the middle of Abkhazia-Georgia conflict.

  5. Have either of you been to the US or know any American’s? Btw, America is not a ‘race’ of people, it is a collection of people from almost every country on earth.

    You both seem hellbent on trashing the US without acknowledging the properity, technology and help brought to so many people. Sure, there have been mistakes, but consider the last 100 years without the US. On balance, I’d say the world was a better place because of the US.

    I think you’re just haters but willing to bet you would come to the US to live if you had a chance. Go on hating.

    • …. even the movies say “human race”. humans are not a race they are a species. There are “races” of humans. America is degenerating so bad they may turn into their own species(joke)….

      ” the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. ….. about the doctors…. most American doctors are quacks! you must not have been to the hospital lately, the main doctors are from India or somewhere else. their first question is ….”is it plugged in?”(joke) they can’t prescribe you much pain medicine because everybody is on crack.

      Technology?…. again, the US liberal democratic society(most) walking around with their blinders on watching TV…. Russian robots,etc. on the space station, 90% everything you touch from China, your food grown in a sewer ditch in Mexico. The USA was a great place with nice scenery and a few good people…was ! The only news you see is what they want you to see.CNN,etc. Ever notice that you never hear from the other side ? Plane hI-jackers in the 70’s ,what did they want?…… keep thinking about why you don’t know those answers….one sided.

      The U.S.A. concept (freedom,liberty,justice,etc.) is an excellent idea.But its like arguing about a cars quality when the issue is the maniac driver.

      ….yes, I know many U.S. citizens. just don’t go out after dark in the big cities. you will be robbed or killed. if you survive you we treated by a doctor from India using Pakistani stainless steel…… and maybe a Japanese MRI machine made by Toshiba in China….

      • bob…. if that is your real name… is is impossible to have a real discussion of life in the US because you obviously have no real knowledge or experience of US people.

        I was born American and have also lived in Russia for a short time. My wife is Russian and grew up under the Soviet system. I have been a student of Russian culture my entire life. I know the history and have a love for Mother Russia.

        But you, my ignorant friend, have no actual knowedge to compare our countries. Your comments are rooted in old stereotypes of propaganda that have been recently ressurected by Putin’s absolute control of your media.

        I will offer you this advice… you should fear the US. We are a people of freedom who are well armed under our constitution and have little patience for 19th century despots who seek to revive a dead empire. If we chose, we could take out Russia militarily with ease, but the cost of Russian nuclear reprisals would be horrific on most of the world.

        I will choose to call you an ignorant friend, and advise you seek the truth and avoid the brainwashing offered by your former KGB leader.


        • Paul, only a portion of Americans could be called a people of freedom, and it would be in the “Red” states.

          You’re a good guy I’m sure but you are blind to the evil of your government.

          The USG is the greatest danger to Americans, not Russia.

          Russia is trying to maintain the status quo, to prevent itself from falling apart but the USG is surrounding Russia and trying to take it apart from within.

          The US could take out Russia with ease militarily? Famous last words.

          One thing is certain – the world needs to go multi-polar, to keep a dagger to the throat of the USG in order to keep it from going around sticking its nose into everyone’s business.

          Don’t be a blind patriot – the USG is your enemy, not Russia.

          • The thing about this is no one wants war. But with Russia stirring up issues in Ukraine what is the world to do? I am not talking about me watching msnbc and CNN and believeing what they are saying but read Russia news papers. Read what they are reporting and how they report it. Look how the Russian government is acting.
            Their papers are full of properganda. Every single article has anti west anti America comments in them. Putin rewarded 270? Journalist for their work on reporting and opinions. If the Russian government didn’t want to have a confrontation with the USA then why are they allowing state owned media outlets to turn everything into a anti west properganda brainwash session. Why would Putin give awards to people that are ramping up the people of Russia to be so anti west and almost dare I say harden them incase of war.

      • Bob you argue pointless facts… Keep them coming because the more you argue the easier it is for me to pick you apart. First off I live near Boston Mass and have gone to the hospital many times with my wife and son. I would say you are wrong about most doctors are from anouther country I would say more like 1 out of 15 from what I can see from first hand experiance. And to be honest i don’t care where my doctor is from I am just glad they are here in the USA to take care of me and my family. People travel from all over the world to come to Boston hospitals. And you bring up hospitals using equiptment made in other country’s like it is news that USA company’s out source their manufacturing.

        You talk about USA city’s being dangerious like no other country has dangerious areas. Every city is both safe and dangerious. Don’t make it sound like every person is every USA city is scared to leave their house pass 8 pm because then you would appear to be the one getting one sided news info.

        The fact is the USA is a great place to live. To think other wise only proves you don’t know much about America. I am in no way saying it is the greatest or that there are no other places worth living. I think if I was very weallthy I would have houses all over the world. Russia is a beautiful country as are many other in this world and it would be amazing to explore them all.

        Bob where are you from where do you call home

    • We HATE the US Government, not Americans and America.

      There is the country, which is the physical location, the state, which is the government and ruling elite and then there is the nation, the people.

    • My wife agrees that Russia is a beautiful country since she came from Russia, but she happily left to become a US citizen.

      I’m happy you feel that way. Just keep believing that, will you? I have lots of guns to keep the US from becoming what Russia is.

      By the way, how much is Comrade Putin paying you to defend Mother Russia online?

      • The problem is, they’ve done is so slowly, nobody is seeing it happening. Russia already has more freedoms than we do.

      • How much is Comrade Putin paying to defend Mother Russia online?

        With such rhetoric it’s hard to have an intelligent discussion.

        Ever try understand this from Russia’s side?

        Ever consider the possibility that Russia’s side might have validity to it?

        Since WWII the US has killed more foreigners than any other country, keep that in mind.

        I wouldn’t want to live in Russia, I have no need to but while I have nothing against guns, what are you guarding against in the US so that it doesn’t become like Russia? Is Russia more dangerous than the US? Certainly in some regions.

        I’m all for a well armed world where the US is kept at bay – just look how careful they are with North Korea, who can fight back.

        • The USA does not walk on egg shell when it comes to north Korea . If the Korean war ever restarted and there was a all out war witch Iraq and Afghanistan where not but an all out war where we go in and there are no restrictions north Korea has no chance..

          I have to ask what is the big deal if Ukraine joined NATO ? Unless Russia plans to invade contrys to the west what does a military alliance really affect? I wouldn’t care if Russia and mexico agreed that if the USA trys to invade Mexico Russia would come to the rescue. Lol see how silly that sounds unless you intend to expand your country’s boarders there is no need to fear nato

  6. Bob, you’re just a freak that has no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t even know how to respond to you. You’re so far out there. You’re so far out there, I think maybe you should have all your teeth pulled so they can stop sending messages into your head.

    Peter, what gun laws are you talking about? It’s the CRIMINALS that are the problem. I own lots of guns, and have not once killed anybody or even planned on it.
    It’s the people that are not supposed to own guns that are the problem.
    Or should we be more like the UK or Australia, that have eliminated guns? Supposedly…. They still have violent crime, and gun crime, and on top of that, they can’t fight back.
    Maybe we should be like mexico, where they have some of the strictest gun laws around?? Oh no, that wouldn’t work either, because the government of mexico is currently going to “federalize” a whole state of “vigilante’s” that drove the drug cartels out of their town! But they couldn’t have done that,….. without guns!! The federal police were absolutely powerless to stop them!

  7. To Paul {May13] I referred to the people of the US as a ‘race’ …. you would not appreciate this but the term was certainly not definitional but in this case uncomplimentary. [Australian mannerism if you will].
    But at the end of the day, I just wish the Americans would just go away and stay at home, and mind their own business …..and by the way, try not to create another GFC ….. it wasn’t useful at all.
    And yes i am familiar with the US and no way would I ever live there ….. way too loud, brash and not well thought out at all.
    Sorry, but no personal offence intended whatsoever.


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