Full Screen Parade Shot with GoPros

We added this video earlier today to the sidebar (by the way, this is a way to find all of the new videos – just look down the column on the right of the website – it says “Latest videos” and it has them appearing there, or subscribe to English Russia youtube channel). So what’s so special about this particular video that it went from the sidebar to the main section is that this year the Russian army parade on the Red Square had some GoPros (or similar) cameras installed on the vehicles – on tanks, APCs and so on. So this time we can get a view of what it looks like to go around the Red Square on a tank when others dance around or just watch. The best way to see this video is full screen as it’s HD, you can get it full screen by clicking here.

5 thoughts on “Full Screen Parade Shot with GoPros”

  1. @edgar are you really so naive ? Can’t you see that Russia is probably the last country on the planet in the way of introducing the “global government” or whatever they are planing for us ? Can’t you see the forces at play trying to trick Europe into war with Russia. There is no USA any longer – a marionette to represent the global elites. And we the fools still arguing instead of taking our freedom back. Our political systems are broken we have been lied to since we were born.

    • @joe

      I know that we are controlled by ZOG and Martians.
      I am not a vegan, so I don’t care. I just want harsher sanctions against Russia.

  2. @edgar

    My dear friend you are not only naive, you are also arrogant. I’m not wearing tinfoil hat, I’m not a vegan, I don’t believe in anything. I just have seen to much. Just wait and look at things – try to see the direction we are being pushed to. Look whats is happening to internet, look whats happening with privacy, look whats going on on… our airports – Maybe I’m older than you but it was never so bad – nobody was searching my underpants in the airport even during soviet era in Moscow or Warsaw. Pay attention… observe – strange times are coming – and seems someone is in hurry.


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