8 Life in Belarus Village

Life in Belarus Village

Recently, the Belarus president has been mentioned in the news for supposedly wanting to restrict the villagers of Belarus from changing their place of residence and place of work, chaining them to their current locations. Later, he said the press didn't get his words
right, and he didn't want to enslave the peasants but was, on the contrary, talking about the managers calling for them not to change workplaces and to stay where they are. Anyway, these are the photos from AP about Belarus and life in its villages.

0 Litographs of Old Russia

Litographs of Old Russia

Lithographs of old Russia, this
time with English captions!

3 Report of Tsar Russian Hunt: We Hunted 719 Dogs and 1010 Cats

Report of Tsar Russian Hunt: We Hunted 719 Dogs and 1010 Cats

Annual reports of the Russian Emperors hunts were published in work-of-art hand painted bulletins. These are examples of those reports, with a detailed
list of how much of each species has been hunted down. For example, the Imperial Hunt Bulletin of 1908 reports that they have hunted down:

8 Looters Raid a Hypermarket Store in Donetsk

Looters Raid a Hypermarket Store in Donetsk

  The "Metro" hypermarket was looted in Donetsk, Ukraine. They say the store was left unattended after the battle that took place nearby. For three days it remained without personnel and guards and this fact was abused by locals. The shop
is around one kilometer away from the airport which is under the control of the local army and the area is targeted by snipers so the protesters avoid it, but locals don't. See the inside of the store inside the post:

0 Abandoned Sand Quarry

Abandoned Sand Quarry

An abandoned quarry. Built in Soviet times and abandoned later, it stays
under the open skies now, with metal and buildings scattered around...

3 Loading Ammo into Helicopters

Loading Ammo into Helicopters

If helicopter guns can shoot all their ammo stock in just a few seconds, loading the ammo into them might take much more time. Here Dmitry Chuchkin has visited the airfield "Baltimor" to see
how the Mi-28 and Ka-52 Russian copters are prepared before going to the drill. The story is inside. Don't forget to click on the photos you like - they expand to widescreen ones.

1 A Passenger Hovercraft from the Soviet Times

A Passenger Hovercraft from the Soviet Times

Water resistance is the main problem to overcome to increase the maximum speed of a ship. That is why hydrofoils and hovercrafts have appeared. An unlimited navigation season and high speed are the main advantages of a
hovercraft that can move in summer and in winter alike. But also it has one big disadvantage. That is a fuel consumption due to the necessity of powerful engines for pumping air into the air cushion .

4 Hail Storm Caused Flooding in Smolensk Russia

Hail Storm Caused Flooding in Smolensk Russia

Record breaking flooding has struck
Smolensk city after a hailstorm.

5 An Abandoned Mine from Ural Mountains

An Abandoned Mine from Ural Mountains

Mr. Mishainik has visited an abandoned Ural mountain mine and got this photo set and a story: During World War 2 most of Russian mining was moved to Ural. The mining volumes escalated tremendously – resources were in
high demand by the army. This is a visit to one such mine, built and mining ore for the needs of the army at that time. Even though production stopped decades ago, the cars are still loaded with ore.

14 Planting Mines Directly from Helicopters

Planting Mines Directly from Helicopters

Another Russian blogger has posted a few photos, with captions, on how mines are being planted with the help of... helicopters. So let's see what
he has got here. According to his story, this system is being used for planting land mines with the help of MI-8 Russian copters.

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