How to become a Cossack


The largest Russian rebels – Razin, Bolotnicov, Pugachev – were the Don Cossacks. Also other  people were among them, such as Ermak, Platov, Sholokhov. They brought glory to Russia of a different nature. Everything that Cossacks created, from literary works to bandit raids – all is bright, specifically, relish.

How does an orphans become cossacks in special school, where they live and study?


Everything is like in a real military unit.


A military uniform.


Prayer is a necessarily matter here  before eating, and in the evening.

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Schoolbooks are like in usual school.


Riding lesson.


Weapon lesson.


Hand-to-hand fighting lesson.

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An agricultural machinery lesson.


13 thoughts on “How to become a Cossack”

  1. “How does an orphans become cossacks in special school, where they live and study?”

    Brainwashing, slave labor, religious indoctrination…

  2. This is a good way to raise orphans and save those kids from being criminals or drug dealers/addicts if they would be thrown out on streets. This is what I respect in Russia and we all should follow this idea!

  3. Look like they learning skills for military career or job skills. That is very good than have kids running on street in trouble.

  4. Excellent way to develop in kids true love for Motherland, responsibility to society and local community, our Orthodox faith and knowledge, so they become accomplished, independent human beings.

  5. I am a cossack. First thing you have to learn, is how to be a good farmer. Those people are no cossacks. Just a wannabes.


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