Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

The RuForces blog published this: “Somewhere on the border there are tanks of Taman second division ready getting ready to cross the uncrossable ditch of Taruta on the border to help the Slavic brothers”. What is ditch of Taruta? It was a widely covered occurrence of an Ukrainian businessman and newly appointed governor who ordered to dig a ditch across the Russian-Ukrainian border to protect Ukrainian border. We have more photos of tanks, helicopters  and of the ditch inside.

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

 And here is the ditch of Taratuta:

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The internet community of both countries critically accepted the idea inspite its been implemented in full and posted some memes on “ditch of Taratuta”:bf6ebf8bafdd

Also here are some photos of the newest MIG-35 Russian helicopters:

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

Tanks on the Border or the Ditch of Taratuta

And the RuForces blog later admitted that it was a joke from them, but those tanks rather a preparation for a military parade of 9th May in Moscow.


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  1. I say this as a true friend of the Russian people. I have eaten bread at your table. I like and admire you, but Putin is leading you toward a dark place. Parading tanks up and down a road like it is 1944 is merely setting up targets in a shooting gallery. I suggest you look at some videos of what happened to Russian Tanks with Russian trained crews in the Iraq wars. One or two A-10 Warthog aircraft would destroy that armored column like a child stomping on eggs. This isn’t Georgia or Tajikistan or Chechnya or some other peasant rabble armed with AK-47s and RPGs. NATO has the best trained and best equipped soldiers in the world. They are experienced professionals – not conscripted teenagers doing a quick year of service. Putin is acting like a drunk who will keep pushing and pushing until the other man explodes. Unfortunately, it will be those poor teenagers and their loved ones who will have to pay the price for his showing what a big macho man he is.

    • Well, here we go again)
      1) Tanks generally don’t go into battle alone, you know. There are fighter jets, long, medium, short range SAMs, SPAAGs and MANPAD systems to aid ’em. Little chances for one or two Warthogs here)
      2) And how did it happen that the best trained NATO professionals failed so badly in Iraq and A-stan, vs peasant rabble armed with AK-47s and RPGs?

      • Failed in Iraq? We took a country of 40 million people armed with the latest Russian arms in less than a 100 hours. Took all their ports, infrastucture, airfields, military bases. Their army disbanded in days.

        Here is some news, were are still in Afghanistan, we did not run like the Soviets did. They lost over 14,000 and got out. We have lost about 2000 in the same amount of time. We are still there. Even Alexander was not able to hold that country.

        Perhaps we have a different notion of military success.

        If the Ukrainians get their hands some advanced weapons or armed them with Stingers, that make things rough for the Russians.

        Things tend to change during war when aircraft start falling from the sky, and the body bags start piling up.

        • First warfare is politics by other means not playing army soldiers. Every situation is different. There is a lot at stake and a lot more assets in the game than you can see on the board.

          Second the USA faced Russian weapons in the hands of a country that was isolated and under embargo for more than a decade before they invaded. You didn’t face modern Russian radar, anti aircraft defence , C&C, anti-tank weapons……

          Third Given that war is politics by other means ask yourself if the US military achieved the political goals set out for them? The original plan called for a regime change, WMD’s removed and a functioning democracy in 6 months and at a cost of $60B

          Regime change Yes
          WMD’s removed. There weren’t any to remove
          Functioning democracy. Not yet
          6 month war Try 10 years and the goals were never fully met.
          $60B cost. Closer to $6T once all is said and done.

          The Iraq war left Al Queda stronger with a base of operations in Iraq where there wasn’t one under Saddam and the USA weaker militarily and deeply in debt.

          This was against a third world nation that was basically starved and cut off from technology for 10 years,

          If that’s your definition of winning a war I’d hate to be an American in a losing battle.

          • Saddam had modern Russian radar and weapons purchased with money from the food for oil program.

            You have to stop surfing wiki. That is not an acceptable resource in both academia or private reserved.

            The truth lies deeper than a three minute google search.

            As far as WMD, you will not find the truth on a google search either.

        • Well, mail that to Pentagon, with all that clusterf$%#* going on in Iraq and A-stan now, they will be amused to see that at least someone thinks, that these Ops were the success))
          And yes, need to add a remark, that Iraq was armed with the latest Soviet stuff (latest for the 70’s that is) and had an almost zero AA capability))

          As for the Stingers, Ukraine has a large stockpile of SA-18’s, but with the upcoming civil war that’s a thing to worry about, as these may surface anywhere (near the airport in the hands of some radical?) There already were reports of portable AAs stolen by the neonazi groups in Lviv during the initial coup d’état events.

        • The Iraqi weapons of the second Iraq war were hardly modern. Almost no air defense or air force. This explains why the coalition was able to disable so much Iraqi armor from air from a long distance. The tanks were all 70-80s T72s or older T54s. Those tanks were not the best even in the 80s when they were supplied because Russia supplied a special “export version” with less armor and weaker rounds. Moreover, even in the 80s, T-72 was not the best Russian tank. The best was T-80. In the 90s and later, the best Russian tank was T-90.

          • Jacob, that is what you will find on wiki. Here is what they do not tell you. The food for oil program under the control of the U.N. and Koffe Anan’s son channeled billions for the purchase of modern Russian arms.

            There were T90’s. You can see a few captured at the Stumps. Most used as target practice on the back side range by the Amboy cinder cone.

            Saddams people were starving, and he was buying up Russian modern weapons. Not to mention, no less than seven brand new palaces.

            • “There were T90′s. You can see a few captured at the Stumps. Most used as target practice on the back side range by the Amboy cinder cone.”

              It would be nice to have some proof of that (photos maybe?) as its obvious, that Iraq had
              monkey model T-72S at best (not even T-72 B’s or BV’s)

      • Taking photos as civi on a military base and firing range is not allowed.

        There are some T90’s at Irwin as well.

        • So, no proof (just as I thought). In fact, the most modern ex-soviet tank US have is the T-80UD with Drozd active protection system. Two or 3 were handed over by Ukrainian government in the 90’s.

          • We have a couple squadrons of Migs as well.

            You name it, we pretty much have all of a potential enemies equipment.

    • The A-10s could fly with impunity in Iraq only after the USA and allies have spent weeks destroying the Iraqi air defense and air force to begin with. However, Russia produces some of the best surface-air missiles in the world. They have everything, from shoulder fired short range Strela and Igla missiles, mobile systems such as Tunguska, and stationary missile systems such as S-200, S300, S400, Buk M1, etc. A10 is a slow, low flying aircraft. Any of the weapons I listed could hit and disable it.

      • Unless those batteries were taken out first. Why else would deploy an A10.

        You can count the success rate of those systems on one hand, and you don’t need to count your thumb.

        Capital performance, just captial

        • Just look at Israel and the Arabs. No wonder some Arab countries are using western weapons. Also look at Iran who are still flying F-4s and F-5s. Why hasn’t Iran switched to Soviet/Russian fighter planes?


  3. “…to help the Slavic brothers…”
    Except Slavic brothers do not want Russia’s help. Russia had lost its Slavic spirit and virtues long time ago.

    • Really because they are only ones who came to Serbian aid when rest of Slavic nations rather be cowards and the slave of the U.S

        • Well, it depends. Right now it seems that large number of Russians and russian speaking Ukrainians actually demand Russia’s help. Surely banning russian language in Ukraine, anti-russian hysteria of new “democratic” Kiev junta, violent and nondemocratic western-backed coup in Ukraine, and participation of racist anti-russian fanatics and antisemites from western Ukraine in new “government” have nothing to do with it. And about Poland, well Poland is almost traditional enemy of Russia, so it’s not wonder. And, please don’t confuse USSR with modern Russia. It is US that invade countries worldwide in order to “help” them, and have messianic ideology that wish to impose to whole mankind. It is not Russia that have military bases around the globe, and attack various countries every 4 years, under various pretexts. So stop with this hypocrisy.

          • What a nice cliché… It seems you forget that also a large number of russian speaking Ukrainians do not want Putin’s help. What about the Tartars?
            For the hysteria you mentioned, maybe it is because many people had enough of Ianoukovitch and his mafia & corruption system supported by Putin. Ukrainians have to right to decide by themselves don’t you think? Elections are in a month so let’s see what will come out of this.
            As far as I know there were more antisemitic assaults in Russia than in Ukraine and even the jews community stated this is a pure Moscow’s propaganda.
            You are only right on one point regarding the USA. YES it is not a peaceful country but is Russia one?
            How many people from eastern countries can support Russia on this? None because they suffered a lot until the collapse of USSR… and yes it was Russia behind this.
            But maybe we should ask people from Ingushetia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Kuril islands, Karelia… what they think about this.
            Do not get me wrong, I simply prefer Masha and Mishka than Putin.

            • Well, surely Iraqis, Afghans, Yemenis and other people want US “democracy”. You still did not answered what US troops are doing around the globe? Seems like they have God given right to intervene around the Earth, while Russia has no right to intervene to protects it’s own people in it’s own backyard, on the territory which was already part of Russia in the past.

              You guys are so against USSR and it’s legacy, but yet you defend communist borders of it’s former republics like they are sacred. Strange indeed.

              Yanukovich was elected president by majority of votes, while current junta was imposed by force and with western backing. Ukraine has population of about 48 million, while anti-Yanukovich demonstrators were at the peak around 200.000. Since when this is expression of people’s will?
              And about Ukrainians… What Ukrainians, those from east or from west, since they are totally different both culturally and linguistically?
              Since when is will of uniate Western Ukrainians will of entire Ukraine? Those people were part of Poland before WW2, and they became part of Ukraine thanks to Stalin. If you hate Stalin, than surely you hate his borders. Since modern Ukraine is legacy of Soviet communists. Before them there was no Ukraine as such. Kiev was center of Russian anti-bolshevik nationalists during Russian civil war. And since Ukrainian “government” has to rely on western Ukrainian extremists, and not it’s own army, which has tendency of defection to Russians, this shows us true feelings of Ukrainian majority.

              And by the way, nation that has exterminated almost entire continent of it’s natives, which practiced slavery until 1863, which used atomic weapons on innocent civilians, which practiced officially racial discrimination until 60-es, which murdered around 1 million civilians in Vietnam, and the similar number in Iraq, and which spread it’s military around the globe, does not have right to give moral lectures to any other nation on Earth. How many people have Russian army killed in Ukraine? Zero. How many people have been killed during “democratic” change in Kiev? You figure. So stop with this wining and anti-Russian paranoia. Greatest expansion of NATO against Russia was during Yeltzin, when Russia was at it’s weakest and most friendly towards West. So it’s not about Putin, isn’t it?

    • Why Stingers? Do you know that Ukrainians have the best soviet surface to air missles, and they also know how to service them? The problem is not the hardware but the fact that Ukraine has spent very little on maintaining and upgrading its military or training its men.

    • U.S. government is in debt, but not broke, the tax receipts keep coming in, which why people lend us more money then they would Russia. Oh yes, the Russian economy is not so robust or diverse. Profits mostly come from the sell of Natural Resources.

      A couple of well placed sanctions would really hurt. But, that will not happen. Obama has no clue what to do. Putin is eating his lunch.

      Just a note. Private wealth in the U.S. is estimated at around $70 Trillion.

      That says allot.

      • Taxes collected will only be able to pay our current outstanding interests, in 2012 all of the income tax the government collect in a year will only be able to pay interests on our national debt for 3 weeks. Tax wise U.S. will never collect enough to fight another war and the Feds will never allow the US government to pay off its debt. Those $70 trillion are private money the government will not be able to collect that and use it towards the military industrial complex in a short period of time.

        • We can disagree. Why? Who do you think funds the “military industrial complex”? Who do you think are the primary share holders? Who do you think funds ailing companies and start-ups via venture capital? Who do think funds private and academic research? Who do you think help fund WW2? Here is a hint, rich people do not simply sit on their money.

          As paying the debt, that could paid off in three years with the right management.

          • The tax payers funds the military industrial complex the government is simply the middle man to enforce those taxes.

            • Good comment, with one proviso, people look at our government more as an enforcer these days.

              Work in the military complex is fairly high paying, upper middle class, creates a big tax base. The country would be sunk with out it.

              People have enough disposable income to buy houses, cars and so on.

              Or use to.

              Now Canada has a better middle class than we do in terms of disposable income.

  4. So how much money is being spent on this encroachment of Ukraine. Shouldn’t the money be going to the Russian people instead of ammo and fuel for all these tanks jets and helicopters. What’s the point of all this.

  5. Russians finally realised that they are Next…
    after Syria,Venezuela and Iran, on IMF= Rotschild boots (NATO & U.S)
    shooting list !
    And after Russia, next are China, Brasil and probably India?

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