21 thoughts on “Russian Army in a Field, Five Miles Away from Ukraine”

  1. when the power in the neighboring country came as a result of an armed coup and now civil war in the country is very stupid to keep troops in the hinterland. they must be close to the border to protect its citizens. Otherwise bandits may not notice borders and penetrate into Russia.

  2. Russia should set up a no fly zone over Ukraine. Supply the protesters in the east with heavy weapons and bomb the regime in Kiev. The U.S did the same in Libya and attempted it in Syria for the same reasons what the Kiev regime is doing.

      • What are you talking Kab Russia justified it bombing and support for rebels in Libya for same reason the current regime in Kiev is acting. That what his the comparison is referencing and yours comment makes no sense.

        • So his comparison with Libya, a country which has absolutely nothing to see with ukraine, is valid, but mine with what happened in Kiev, the capital city of the country where the current crisis is happening, isn’t ? Sounds fair.

    • Setting up a no-fly zone over Ukraine could be costly. Ukraine does have modern air defense equipment, such as Buk and S-300. The Buk-M1 that took down Russian Tu-22 bomber and a number of Su-25s during the Georgian War, was supplied to Georgia by Ukraine.

  3. When I want to be Italian – I go to Italy. When someone is Russian – Russia comes to him? Funny – Have you ever looked at other TV stations/press then russian? There are no bandits in Kiev, There are in Donetsk. Open your eyes – Russia is violating Ukraine independence and is fooling you like in USSR age….

  4. Hey Igor,
    I am not watching Russian TV or Pro-Russian TV, because i don’t speak russian. But there is something i noticed for sure, i have no trust for the US and the EU, they have their little agenda. And so for the Kiev forces did more casualties than the russian / pro-russian side. And we all know the huge nazi background of the western part of Ukraine since 1941, you are fooling nobody with your Soboda or Right wing movement.

    • The government that took power in Ukraine with the USA based on outright Nazis. The people are protesting it, but it is half at least of Ukraine. Crimea was separated from them in the first place for that reason. And the South East of Ukraine also does not want to do with them.

      • Max your comments are full of horse shit. Go get some proper education about what happened before, during and after Maidan (not from biased TV like NTV, REN TV, Russia Today, CNN or Fox News) and you will know the truth. Dont spread your zombiness to others.

      • No Nazis in Kiev. Look what was happening at Maidan for more than 4 months. It is the will of the Ukrainian nation to go to Europe. All protest (Crimea, Donetsk etc.) were inspired by Russian special forces. You are living in a dream world. This is propaganda – nothing more. Stay hungry for truth. Don’t depend on what they tell you on TV…

  5. No Nazis in Kiev… maybe not for you…. http://huff.to/QWo4TO,
    http://bit.ly/1mSF5Mw, http://bit.ly/MMQ22b, http://bit.ly/1nny1TS

    Stay hungry for truth… lol

    • I don’t see any swastika there.

      The truth is that no ukrainian belongs to a family that doesn’t have a member who has been killed by the nazis in 39-45.

      Also, know that the ‘Front National’ (ultra nationalist french party) is having some good relations with Putin. That same party that shares the Right Sector’s ideas of course.

      And I could say more, like the Goebbels propaganda tactics Putin is following carefully, but let’s keep some truth for the dessert.

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