Moscow Anti Paid Street Parking Revolt


Believe it or not, but most Russian cities don’t have parking enforcement in terms of paid parking. I mean that in most of the cities there is no any fee to park on the city streets, even downtown. Moscow, the capital, only got parking meters in 2013. Before that, most of the street parking in Moscow was free.

As far as I understood, the new parking system implemented in Moscow uses video cameras to track the amount of time paid for. So basically, there are no parking officers circling around and checking for expired meters, but rather streets are equipped with cameras which track the car plates and corresponding payments that can be made through the payment machines or by text message.

However, people were not used to pay for something they were getting free for so long. I remember how the whole introduction of paid parking in Moscow caused negative responses and a sort of hysteria. So even almost a year after the implementation, people do tricks to avoid the payment. The most popular thing to do for this is to cover part of the plate with some object to prevent the cameras from reading your registration.


Some people rotate the plates.36

Some discolor parts of the plate.34

Some open the trunk and walk away.31

Some use compact discs.

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17 thoughts on “Moscow Anti Paid Street Parking Revolt”

  1. You guys are not very bright. Really, the cops are looking at these cars, that are DELIBERATELY hiding their plates. You’re going to get a ticket or what ever they give you over there.

    Just throw some mud on your plate, that a natural substance, and if the cops bug you about you can just say “whoops, I don’t know what that came from, I must have driven through a mud puddle”.

    Just driving down the road, a CD doesn’t attach itself to your license plate.

  2. Paid parking is an additional form of taxation. You pay taxes to build and repair streets and it isn’t often done. You pay license fees for your car. you pay value-added tax on purchases . And then, they have the nerve to tax you for taking up space.
    Really, people should protest this. When shopping malls are built, they provide free parking. So people leave the city center to decay and go outside the city to shop. Paid parking is a counter-productive city policy.

  3. The USA and Russia are no different here. We had one major in the 70s who spawned a family of parking leeches. His name was Joe Alioto. His family motto is don;’t tow the Joe.

  4. The funny thing is that the cars that are expensive, and their owners so skimpy that don’t want to pay for Parking.

  5. Tow or brick the car….always. I park outside a city and bicycle in. Unless I have tickets to an opera or music show. Its easy not to get a ticket and those that do, need to give their cars up.

  6. Okay, I own a standard poodle. That dog requies me to make a lot of work in grooming. I own cars of expensive concept and can’t afford them. What is your point? The tickets meed to fit the offenders pocket book and no more.

  7. This is Slavic mentality. You can afford a new S-Class or an X6 but you don’t want to drop couple of dimes for parking.


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