19 Mi-8 Flight Around Villages

Mi-8 Flight Around Villages

A photographer, Marina, takes a ride on a Russian military helicopter Mi-8 from Kubinka, 60 kilometers from Moscow, and flew around. What was she able to see? Other military helicopters taking off and landing, rusty abandoned helicopters standing in the field,
huts and houses, sawmills and hundred year old wooden structures, also the Victory Day infantry parade preparation and some more. All from above, all shot from the Mi-8 helicopter. Want to see it all? Then don't hesitate and proceed inside.

1 Space Techs  Go into Aviation

Space Techs Go into Aviation

  Polymeric composite materials (PCM) that are used in constructing of space shuttles are lightweight and
strong. Now those technologies are migrating to other spheres of usage. Aviation is among them.

6 Volunteers Fix Planes in Monino Museum

Volunteers Fix Planes in Monino Museum

As spring goes on, the Russian aviation museum in Monino decided to open its doors for volunteers.  The museum hosts more than 580 items: planes, helicopters etc stationed on 98 acres of land. This size of territory attracts many of "black" visitors - groups of people
penetrating the place from outside to make bootleg photos and sometimes get a piece of the memorabilia from the planes. Partly due to this some of the planes are in need of restoration and renovation. And here where the volunteering effort comes into play.

1 Vladimir Syomin: His Vision of Life

Vladimir Syomin: His Vision of Life

Vladimir Syomin, a photographer, seems to me, not to be a very optimistic fellow, about the life in general and life in Russia in particular. Just see
his photos. Also down the post there is a set of his photos that he has done in the United States. For me they are not too optimistic too.

2 Old Fashioned Gold Mining in Georgia

Old Fashioned Gold Mining in Georgia

During the Stalin's period gold mining prospered in different corners of the USSR. The lack of this metal determined the gold finders to cherish. The Soviet state wasn't considering the costs of such gold
because again, of the great lack of this material. After Iosiv Stalin's death such large-scale mining operations were stopped. Now, in Georgia some citizens are refreshing their grandfathers methods.

4 Takeoff and Landing of MiG-31

Takeoff and Landing of MiG-31

The take off and landing of MiG-31 jet. Tech man
inspects the plane, systems are ready, steady, go.

11 Tanks in the City

Tanks in the City

In the morning, tanks and missiles have arrived to the city. Tens of the machines,
roaring thru the wide streets of Moscow. Widescreen photos available on click.
13 How to become a Cossack

How to become a Cossack

The largest Russian rebels - Razin, Bolotnicov, Pugachev - were the Don Cossacks. Also other  people were among them, such as Ermak, Platov, Sholokhov. They brought glory to Russia of a different nature.
Everything that Cossacks created, from literary works to bandit raids - all is bright, specifically, relish. How does an orphans become cossacks in special school, where they live and study?  

2 Steel Production of Ural Metallurgy

Steel Production of Ural Metallurgy

The Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company - one of the largest vertically integrated holdings in Russia, which is based on the
principle of a closed process chain: from raw materials to finished products. Main products are cast iron, steel and rolled.

9 87 More Colorized WW2 Photos

87 More Colorized WW2 Photos

Even more colorized photos of World War 2. I find some photos familiar but I saw them only in the black and white.
However, lately, I noticed  a trend to colorize old photos so we can enjoy a new look on the old photos.

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