Lenin Was the Smartest Man in the World


When I studied in a Soviet elementary school, I recall with how much importance Lenin was treated. A flawless semi-deity that incarnated in a human body that possessed multiple talents, protected the poor and hated any type of injustice in the world. That was the Lenin in my eyes at that time. I was taught that he was one of the smartest and fairest people in the history of the world. We had special mentionings of him throughout our education, which included books about the school boy, Vladimir (Lenin), and poems about Lenin, and even our junior level Communist insignia which school boys wore carried a portrait of the young leader as well, right inside the bright small red star badge I  was so proud of. I couldn’t dare to have a bad thought about Lenin, and sincerely believed in his purity.

Now, there are multiple Lenin relics stacked in a village hut called the “Museum of Communist Party”. Figures of Lenin are next to the dirt road – a thing I don’t think anyone could dare to do in earlier times.


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This young Lenin is similar to the one we had on our badges.












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10 thoughts on “Lenin Was the Smartest Man in the World”

  1. Sounds like you were taught about the same things the north koreans are taught about their crazy leaders. You know kim ill sung could be in two places at once? And he doesn’t go to the bathroom either. kim ill jong, got something like 11 holes in one, the very first time he played golf.
    Same garbage….. I wonder, how many people did this “fair” and injustice hating, lenin murder? I mean besides the royal family.

  2. I wonder what happened to anyone who disagreed with ‘lenin’ brings to mind gulags, hangings, torture, extermination ect…

  3. I guess the “proof is in the pudding”. The Soviet Union was named “Upper Volta with nukes” and today much of that still remains. And this is the work of the smartest man in the world?? Give us a break. Many of us were born at night…but not last night.

  4. Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Obama…how many more “dear leaders” will there by, how many more millions will have to endure hardship, to understand communism & socialism WILL NOT WORK?

  5. Second page, last picture: See the busts of the ‘dear leaders’ and note how well their policies worked–note where their ‘dear poor’ live even today! Sad to say we here in America are seeing the same mindset with our ‘dear leaders’!


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