25 thoughts on “A New Built House In Tver, Russia”

    • Because buy cheap materials and employ unskilled workers from Asia, while the estimate write that all standards. And in the end it turns out that that photo and a lot of money involved in this scheme)

  1. We must appreciate they put an exterior layer of bricks over the styrofoam, in other countries like Romania they leave the insulator on the outside, covered in some cloth and painted over.

    • Dunno how they do it in Romania, but it is pretty normal to cover the styrofoam insulation with a fiberglass cloth and very thin layer of special silicate plaster. It was traditional “Russian craftmanship” (it may be they did not bother to use special fasteners to attach the styrofoam to the wall) combined with the weight of the brick-like tiles that caused the failure.

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exterior_insulation_finishing_system

        Those look like real bricks, not fake brick tiles. Looks like no straps to hold brick wall to structural wall, so brick wall falls off.

  2. Whoa! Guess that’s why you don’t see a whole lot of Russian construction companies building things overseas.

    • I’m not sure what’s the point of your comment but regarding Bandera fascists from the WWII era, Google banderowcy and click on Images.

      On an empty stomach.

      (some of the pictures are from the Holodomor and other attrocities)

      The Ukrainian nationalists even came up with a list of 135 torture and butchering methods, for men, women and CHILDREN.


      Translate the page with Google Translate for the gory details. Well known in Poland, this butchery by Ukrainians but not abroad.

      • Exactly. The rebels Bandera killed civilians, first of all poles. Now, the Ukrainian opposition is his portrait on the demonstrations. And Poland supports them, the sheer hypocrisy.

        • Poland makes me sick in this regard (I’m Polish).

          Some of their most powerful politicians and news organizations need to get shots for rabies.

          Yes, the sh1t Ukrainians did to Poles during and after the war is straigh from the pit of Hell.

          In my grandfather village in eastern Poland people would call a person who is rough and vicious a Ukrainian.

      • Most of this was created by Polish propaganda. Don’t forget, Poland since Soviet occupation in 1945 had no independent, free press, same as USSR since 1918, so NOTHING which was published in Poland after 1945 can be trusted without independent verification. And where is the independent verification about Bandera’s atrocities?
        Even the fact that Bandera spent 1939-1944 in German prison, and when released, never participated in any activities, and spent his whole remaining years in Berlin – but it is still “banderovcy”??
        Now, yes, Ukrainian nationalists did kill Poles, which is a shame, but only after 1990s it has become known that Poles killed Ukrainians during WWII on a mass scale – but because Poland has become communist after 1945, this was covered up.
        So don’t simplify history like this, it never works.
        Ukrainian nationalists were not bloodthirsty animals, same as Poles were not, but they did kill each other, and it is unfortunate.

  3. The insulation there is not the issue. There will be an internal structure behind that, whether it be a steel frame, pre-cast concrete or blockwork. What you can’t see (although they can be quite small) is the evidence of brick ties; bracing between the internal structure and the external brick skin.

  4. The supervising contractors have no idea what they are doing. Can’t really blame the cheap labor….they are all uneducated dolts with two brain cells.


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