7 thoughts on “Russian State Library”

  1. This library is stupid,outdated and well behind time. No electronic chips in the books, no books lending, no automated facility to accept books which are read/completed…Last but not least: why is still this library is named after Lenin? Was he the smartest man in the world? I believe no. So thank you for pics of kilometers of never ending corridors which u call “THE LIBRARY”

    • America still doesn’t use metrics and Celciusm tho.
      Books themselves are outdated. If you want hi-tech, go download an ebook onto your ipad.

  2. I worked in this library. It was called Lenin Library (it is not called that anymore, it was renamed Russian State Library in 1990s). However the moronic Moscow city hall refuses to rename the metro station, so the station is still called Lenin Library.
    The library was built in 1930s and is like a museum. This is true with regards to technology, too, that is, the library functions almost without change since 1930s.
    As for the lavish interiors, it is more shameful to glorify this building. In 1930s, Soviet government organized an artificial famine in the country, by confiscating all food from millions of farmers, so several million people died from hunger. At the same time, the government built tens of marble-decorated buildings like this.


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