Is There Space for More Referendums Around?




Now in Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine, people have gathered to ask for a referendum on joining Russia. Some brought Russian flags, some held the portraits of Yanukovich – the president of Ukraine who fled to Russia and published a memorandum yesterday calling for people to demand more referendums on the fate of their regions. Some people were holding banners with more mundane demands like “Give us back Russian TV channels” as a few days ago the court in Ukraine banned the broadcasting of the main Russian TV stations. Donetsk has almost one million people living in it and 48% of them are Russian. However it doesn’t look to me that this gathering was too large, some reports say that around two thousand people were present.

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“Referendum!”Митинг на площади Ленина в Донецке Митинг на площади Ленина в Донецке 9312038_original Митинг на площади Ленина в Донецке Митинг на площади Ленина в Донецке Митинг на площади Ленина в Донецке

17 thoughts on “Is There Space for More Referendums Around?”

  1. Why no referendum in Chechnya ? Tatarstan ?

    Why Navalnyi in jail ? Kasparov bullied ?

    Before sneaking into others business, Russia should mind its own…

    • Are you just saying a lot of random garbage? Do you even know who Kasparov is because not even Russian nor born in Russia. So if your going tell somebody to mind his busy it may be wise to not bring him into the argument.

      • Following your logic Putin himself was not born in Russia as well, it was ussr back then. I also see no flaws in his argument, so your mentoring tone is inappropriate.

        • You are missing the point.
          If some country or territory wants to join Russia – this is OK.
          (Read: Russia gains more territory or natural resources etc. etc)
          If some country or territory wants to leave Russia – that’s a big no no.
          Russia has always had such mentality, as a virus, just multiply and consume all natural resources in certain area, then move on to next area.
          The biggest problem is Russia is not Putin but people who believe what ever propaganda is coming out from Kremlin.
          What is Russia today? It is mostly defined by financial systems as developing country because most of its export is raw material instead of finished products. As any developing country, living standard is there not high, i mean jobless people in EU have bigger income than working specialist in Russia in some cases.
          So, if your people are mostly poor and unhappy, there is not much you can do to keep them rising up against you and your government.
          Then comes in patriotism, which in Russian case is spiced up with great stories from big wars, powerful army, etc. But what people do not realize is: patriotism does not fill stomach. And in Russian case, they follow governments propaganda that says that it is everybody else’s fault but theirs.
          I mean, fix your country, then go fix others.
          The way Russia is acting now is no different than US.
          Just invading some other territory that has some sort on government interest.
          And who suffers most in these cases – Russian people.

      • A part of me feels shame for not shouting in euphorea, that we protected national interest, and another part of me feels shame for how easy most people are brainwashed and made into believing all this one-sided propaganda bullshit you see on TV. Just ask yourself this question “who profits from this?” and it becomes obvious that Russia’s leaders would never want to support any sort of revolution, Putin being in power much more than was allowed by the constitution, and hoping to be there for ever. That’s one of the reasons Russia was supported by Syria, Iran, Equador, Belorusia, North Korea. The Americans long ago pulled Europe into it’s ideological camp, so what’s left? Only the regimes similar to yours. Where people support people in power and show middle finger to the West. It’s the easiest way to gain popularity internally – conspiracy theories.

    • These people do not want neither the Pro-Western government, nor the Nazis and the hypocrites in power. The people of Crimea held a referendum observers and most residents were for joining to the Russian Federation. Because in Russia live better and no thugs with nationalist slogans. I have relatives in Kharkov, they will not support a military coup in Kiev, many areas do not support, but they had no words. Let yourself will choose with whom they have a relationship. The U.S. and EU are clearly not interested in improving the lives of the people of Ukraine.

    • Because, in Russia, we have democracy. There are civilised means to resolve disagreements via constitutional, parliamentary procedures, unlike in the Ukraine where you have a rule by the mob. Anyway, being the troll you are, you are clearly trying to hijack the subject matter of this post and divert it against Russia, which has been pretty much your constant theme on all posts. And that is because you have nothing to say on the issue.

      • >Because, in Russia, we have democracy.
        Since You posted this in April 1, I’m going to take this sentence as a joke (it can’t be anything else, actually).
        Democracy, by definition, is power of majority.
        Do You really think majority of Russian people wants war (as where this Ukraine situation is seems to be heading)?
        As for pro western government or “Nazis” as Russian propaganda calls them – same shit, no difference at all, except different justifications for invading other countries.

  2. I am all for the people voteing for their future but give people a choice to choose freely of what they want. Don’t send in the military and have real options on the ballot.

    And don’t be sore loosers when you don’t join Russia. I have a feeling that if these regions don’t join Russia the “ethnic” Russians will have violent protest and when Ukraine tries to stop or detain the protest Russia will go in and invade to protect the ethnic Russians.

  3. Those referendums which nothing more than continuo showing the love of Russia: at the same time the jealousy keeping stronger with pirates government of Ukraine, also USA and some countries in Europe. One good point about this jealousy people: which love to be stronger against Russia, but can’t have enough strength to do so, when all countries around Europe should stop hate towards Russia, and should be friends in account of a reach country like Russia with so many resources for everyone? Do not make any sense those kinds of hate: everyone loses, inclusive could turn into third world war, and then human’s beings could vanish and the suffering will be for millions until dying. Why competition without values: USA with this President without protocols even so with executive orders does not take him very far. The world could be bigger enough for everyone: has long everyone understands the way to get along and help the environment well enough for everyone.

  4. I hope that the U.S. stays out also. we have enough of our own problems. gays don’t have any rights! they arrest people who have sex with animals over here. they won’t let me legally marry my goat because it would make a good tax write off…. our US troops would sodomized Russians like our police officers do to our citizens. because that’s what we do.

    • People in Alaska want to re-join Russia. Is that OK? People in Texas want to secede from the US of A. Is that OK? Sardinia wants independence from Italy. Is that OK? Quebec wants to part ways with the rest of Canada. Is that OK? Transdniestra wants to re-join Russia. Is that OK?

      • In every country you will have people that want to leave and think the grass is greener some where else. if people of Alaska really wanted to rejoin Russia they would have a vote. but unless you have close to 50% chance or don’t bother. we have a real democracy not some made up one. we are allowed to voice out opinion. i think the people in should hold referendums and let the UN run them and see how much is left to Russia


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