11 thoughts on “Ukrainians Recruiting into Russian Army”

    • They are against the government staged a military coup against the Nazis in power and against the loan from the IMF which poor people will make it to the poor. And Naturally they do not consider Russia an enemy, on the contrary glad that the standard of living will improve.

      • Max, go to Kiev and show us the nazis in power. Or go to Rostov and show us the 600 000 Ukrainian refugees in Russia…

  1. Nice that my comment was (definitely) cut. Truth harms ?

    Anyhow, these two pics can have been taken anywhere, and nothing shows they are Ukrainian soldiers…

  2. To English Russia owner : showing mere propaganda will not make it the truth. And you will convince nobody who is not already convinced. Very sad that this website that I loved in the past has morphed into “this”. Hope you will see the pain in your stats. I’ll make sure, on my side, not to ever more share your pages on my FB profile (1000 friends)…

    • What propaganda? Are you afraid of the truth, that not only Crimeans, but many Ukrainians actually support the Russia and dislike the new government? On the contrary, you must be really brainwashed by US propaganda.

    • And why do you think this is propaganda? People do not want power which is illegitimate captured, made outright Nazis in the government and miserable existence. In Russia their salary will be 4 times higher than in Ukraine. And nobody will shout on Russian knives in Kyiv.

  3. When you think about the so called new government, you also know that within 5 year there is someone else in office. Fachists and amateurs can not hold a position. So for Oekraine the best solution is BE a part of RUSSIA with your own government.

  4. Russia are the Nazis lol. Outlawing protests and making you have to get “permission” to hold them, discriminating against homosexuals. You can’t really say shit about Ukraine.

    Not that Ukraine didn’t have a corrupt government. It did.

  5. I laugh when I hear pro-Russian people talking about the Nazis in the Ukrainian Government.

    Two comments, if you do not mind:

    I am sure that you believe that Puttin was voted for, by the majority of Russia population, in legit, honest elections, right?

    And second, do you know who killed more Ukrainians, Russians or the Nazis?

    Think about these, for a moment, your bosses won’t know that you did. But think, it won’t harm you.

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