16 thoughts on “Coming Back Home”

  1. Are they coming home to Ukraine from Crimea or are they coming home to Crimea?
    Also did they go shopping at Hugo Boss? 😉

    • wa wa wa… “Crimea is not Russian!!!”…

      Lets add a few more “Goa is not Indian”, East Timor is not Indonesian” “West Bank is not Israeli”, East Jerusalem is not Israeli”, Golan Heights are not Israeli”

      All of that in the last 50 years of the 20th century the only difference is that the Crimean Annexation is bloodless.

    • The People of Crimea have voted…
      The soldiers serving Ukraine have been given the choice to carry on in the Ukrainian army or join the Russian one…

      As you said, all was fairly peaceful… and that in itself is an excellent result.

  2. A new Odessa’s joke appeared: Mojsha, there’s madness going on: russians surrounded ukraine’s army bases and yelling: “Give up, you!” And ukrainias are yelling back: “russians never give up!”

    • Well, as far as Crimea goes, Czechs upcycled a 1968 joke:
      A customs officer asks:
      “No, no, I am just a tourist.”

      • Well, for this summer no tourists in crimea. Pity, but it will be a real disaster for locals. As they were saying, three months feed nine. But nobody wants to spend vacation in occupied zone.


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