Three Ukrainian Battleships Were Captured


Today, March 20th, 2014, three Ukrainian battleships – corvettes, were captured by military men in masks. More than 200 Ukrainian sailors reportedly were conveyed to the shore. There are no reports of any shots being fired. Also, reportedly, later one of the ships were sunk. More photos of this operation is inside:









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    • You mean you were alive back in 1939 when Nazis came to power? So you are like 75 – 85 years old right now? Sounds like you are full of something and its not memories!

        • Go to Kiev and show us those so-called nazis ! There are as many in Moscow or in any country of the world. And coming (free – you do not know that in Russia) elections will show that these so-called nazis (extreme right) will not account for more than 3% of the poll. Certainly why Moscow wants to postpone these elections as late as possible. Once done, this argument of nazis ruling Kiev will fall like the utter lie it is…

        • Everyone believes it but the western nazis that killed 500 000 children in Iraq, then in second war 2 million civilians. And nazis in Kiev had torch pare with nazi flags like the old ones in 1933 not to mention the mayor of a certain town that said Hitler was liberator.

  1. Corvettes are not Battleships and you failed to mention the most powerful ship in the Russian Navy was sitting just outside the freshwater lake where these boats (not ships) were stationed. I am impressed with the professionalism of Ukrainian forces. Not one single man has fired a shot despite all the well armed men in ski mask humiliating these sailors and solders; something no Russian would stand for.

  2. Years ago this was a great blog about cool shit in russia. Now it’s some kind of sad Russia war pride thing.

    Keep pushing this cheep macho shit and russia’s teeth will get cracked. Not me, just reality of the world.

    • They should let the Ukrainians have some pride and give them back the ships, relieve them of some anger.

      The blog is showing reality as it is. That you perceive it as pride is your problem.

      Russia’s teeth will be cracked? By whom? The US? Keep in mind Russia can turn the US into a parking lot.

      • “Russia’s teeth will be cracked? By whom? The US? Keep in mind Russia can turn the US into a parking lot.”

        You say that as if the US isn’t capable of doing the same thing to Russia.While Russia’s military is something to worry about,it would be a lie to think otherwise.The US military is more battle tested more than any in the world.Russia’s extent of wars in recent years is the Georgia conflict,taking the Crimea,and multiple ‘wars’ inside Chechnya (one of which they got schooled by the Chechens),Russia is a capable enemy,but unlike past fights,the US wouldn’t even try to invade Russia,that’s a mistake considering their size,etc.The US would be launching the big shit.There’s very little chance,if any,if these two were to fight,that it would be a totally conventional war.IF the US and Russia got into a war,we would all lose,so yea,Russia would be a parking lot,too…at best.

  3. I second that, David. I have loved reading this website until now. Russia is now a criminal enterprise. It’s a country of corruption and brazen thievery.

    • What are you talking about? Nobody, OK, one person has been killed by who knows who. Russia is taking back its property.

      Are you American? Your country has killed and invaded more foreigners than any other country since WWII. Take the log out of your eye before pointing out the speck in your brother’s eye.

      • Taking back their property??? After they gave it away in the first place? So it’s now OK to invade sovereign countries? Cool! I guess my country should invade all it’s 9 surrounding countries, some of which only exist today because Austria has lost it’s territory to them. Yup, sounds about right.

    • Like the US) the Revolution in Kiev payment they paid with the lives of demonstrators and recognizing the national government in Ukraine.

  4. In the U.S.A. we only get one side of the story and only see what they want us to see. this website lets us see all aspects of Russian life,culture,etc., with many categories to choose from. most United States citizens are ignorant of how the real world works and that the U.S. Special Forces kill people everyday just because they are in the way of their agenda. nothing to do with right or wrong…. just economics and control……

  5. The Russians are handling this like it is a police action…orderly and efficient with few casualties. That is disappointing for Americans who are raised with sex,drugs and violence on TV. America, …the largest criminal population in the world……..” give us crackheads something to watch”

    • You sound like there is only Russia and US in the world… That is a bit a black and white picture, don’t you think? I do not say that US is an angel, but at this moment very very few countries expressed very clear and explicit support for Russian steps. Even China is very silent comparing to other situations.
      Besides Russia had many friendly republics around it that openly were supporting Russia. Look what is happening now – almost none of them explicitly stated that Russia is right and Ukraine is wrong. Most of them just say that the conflict should be solved peacefully, that’s it. And else most of them are silent. As they would stick to still popular soviet saying: “if you want to say something good about us, then you may speak. If not, then you better you remain silent!”. If you read the news in Belarus – even they are very cautious in this situation. They would not like to experience such “re-union” them self…

  6. Nothing to be proud of. Stealing is forbidden by God’s law (and humans’ laws). These guys are behaving like scums and should be shameful.

    Like many comments here, I had loved this site. And I start to be weary of Russian propaganda. Seems your stats are going to lower fast…

    • I have noticed the same thing this site used to feture some cool goings on around Russia of the people. Now I see more and more propaganda what give did the kremlin take your site away of like Crimea was it always the kremlins.

  7. Why don’t you show photos of the 600 000 Ukrainians refugees in Russia ? Or of the fascists governing Kiev ? Or the Jews fleeing en masse from the danger of antisemites in Kiev ? Or the bullying of Russian-speaking people in Odessa ? Or schools in Donetsk where Ukrainian is mandatory ? Or Ukrainian-written public writings in Simferopol, showing the rights of Russian-speaking people was flouted by Kiev government ? Or the way Tatars are welcoming Russian back in Crimea ?

    That would be a good way to show the world as it is, no ? Nothing about economics and control. Just right or wrong…

  8. It’s self defense forces of the Crimea, not Russian troops. They have no form, armed with various weapons (including Beretta, saiga 12 which is not used by the army), the Crimeans just decided to delete the Ukrainian sailors from its territory, which is now officially part of the Russian Federation.

    • Joker ! If I was the Russian army, I’d be very worried about people finding so easily uniforms, trucks and weapons used by the Russian army on black market !
      Nobody believes that in most of the world !

      And, even if it was true, Russia would have to protect the Ukrainian militaries from thugs, because of its international treaties with Ukraine. It hasn’t. So it is at best accomplice of these thugs.

      Shame on Russian government and army to behave like that !

  9. “600 000 Ukrainians refugees in Russia”, “Jews fleeing en masse from the danger of antisemites in Kiev ” – I would like to see sources of information for these ones.

  10. anyway cold war again …… but now Russia is alone …..only Belarus can help . anyway Russia can exist without rest of the world …. peace all of you ….. Krym was with Ukraine from 1950 before was Russia there . anyway …… peace Nobel awards for Putin

    • Russia was in Crimea indeed, but with a majority of Tatars. Until Staline deported them. Not sure they’ll like Russia back now. The future will tell if Crimea will be a second Chechnya for Russia, or not. Whatever happens, Crimea can bid farewell to its tourism industry. So long, as the potential was great…

  11. I had a nice long reply and my phone messed up.

    I like russia I have many friends in Russia. It is a beautiful country.

    That being said. I don’t find the media in the USA to be super biased. I have not learned anything new by going on sites like this one or on a Moscow news site.
    But people stop trying to play us like fools. These local self defence forces are Russian troops backed by Russia. Where is my proof? Why would Ukrainian self defence forces have Russian military vehicals? Where would they get them? How would they get Russian millitary uniforms.. yes yes they where not marked. But why would all the self defence forces have RUSSIAN Uniforms why would they all go get the same uniform? And they got them so fast too. They had Russian millitary weapons and gear. And how/ why would UKRAINIAN. Self defence forces import Russian weapons and gear all with the perpose of storming military bases. And last the Russian vehicals that the Ukrainian self defence forces used had Russian liecence plates.. hahaha yes these self defence forces went and registered all those vehicals with their own money in Russia all so they could storm Ukrainian military bases. I am not saying every single person was Russian I am sure some where not. But do not think that because Putin said it’s not him the world will listen.

    And people remember Russia vs USA no one wins. Don’t think for one second Russia will bomb the USA with out retaliation. Plus u keep forgetting about NATO bomb one bomb them all. No country can take on the world.

    Plus not to be all arrogant American but we spend 700 billion a year on our military. Where do you think it goes? If every other country spends less than 100 billion and they have a world class force where do you think our other 600 billion a year goes? Make jokes about the f-35. Or other projects but don’t fool your selfs. A all out war with the USA is something no one not even me wants to see. And by the way our last all out war was WW2

  12. Masked military men?

    Does any one know who they could be?

    Gosh, i hope the Russians don’t find out that there’s this large, well-equipped, highly-trained, but utterly anonymous military force operating on their borders without the knowledge or approval of the Russian government.

    If they knew that, they might be tempted to…send their…troops….in….

  13. Whenever I become depressed, I look at something from Russia and automatically I am better. Russia is so Gray and sad.

  14. Bottom line – Russia signed an agreement in 1994 guaranteeing Ukrainian territorial integrity. Now Russia has broken this agreement without justification. What good is Russia’s signature on any treaty or agreement, then?

    The Russian people are a great people. They have endured things we in the USA pray never happen here. However, the Russian government, specifically Putin, wants to be recognized as a world power but doesn’t want to act accordingly. The Ukrainians had the right to change their government. The Russians didn’t have the right to take part of the Ukraine. The ramifications of this for Russia could be serious, indeed.

    • You’re right.Russia broke their 1994 agreement,but when it comes down to it,Russia got away with it.What i mean is,the rest of the world basically waited until Crimea’s fate was decided,then decided to take action with economic sanctions.There truly hasn’t been a collective response from the world or NATO,which shows Russia,they not only got away with the Crimea,but i’m sure makes them wonder what the NATO or UN response would be if Russia decided to swallow up the rest of Ukraine.I’m sure Russia could get away with that,as well.As far as i can tell,economic sanctions generally hurt the people who are already suffering or making a meager salary.In this case,they’re going after particular people to punish ‘financially’ but i’m sure after awhile,assuming Russia stops their bullshit(for now),the countries will loosen those sanctions and play nice again.Also,Russia doesn’t want to be just recognized as a world power,they are a world power.It’s believed they have the second best military in the world,behind that of the US.Russia has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world,etc.They also have a few advantages we don’t,massive land,considered unconquerable,and unlike NATO,who sits around discussing what to do,Russia has Putin in charge.He can solely decide what actions to take.While it may not be good in ways,when it comes to getting shit done,that’s a good way to have it.The US gov’t bickers amongst themselves,NATO allies bicker amongst themselves,and Russia decides and goes for it.

  15. Only foolish person can believe in this theatrical performance =)))))) Do you really think this is Russian armed forces ??????? are you kidding??????

    • You are right, Anton. Nobody can believe this. They must be Somali pirates. Russia should be scared of having such people on its territory, that break the international treaties it signed, without being able to block them !

      I would not dare go to Russia anymore if such thugs can act freely on its territory !

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