Topol Missile Has Been Launched


A ballistic missile “Topol” was launched from the Kapustin Yar launch site – the oldest Russian test site of Soviet ballistic missiles.
This launch site was established as two special trains loaded with seized Nazi rocket equipment arrived from Germany in 1947. At that time engineers and soldiers lived in tents as no civil construction was going on, probably in favor of the faster completion of the launch site facilities. More German Nazi FAU-2 missiles arrived there later. Some of them were studied and disassembled, but eleven German rockets were actually launched out of Kapustin Yar, Russia. For a while this was the only Russian ballistic missile testing and launching facility.
As you can see, it is still being used today. Topol, capable of intercontinental travel, is said to be capable of hitting targets up to 6800 miles away. At this time, it was pointed at a test site in Kazakhstan, and as the TV anchor reported in the video below, it hit the target, as was expected.




And the national TV video report:

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  1. Someday, I am sure the Topol missile will use nuclear chemical propellant to boost its speed and use the 100% efficiency of multistage-fuel engine

  2. The problem with the Topol is it’s guidance system. It’s has INS data-bus can be easily disrupted. But that is not the biggest problem. It relies on the GLONASS stat array. That array is easy prey for the military variant of the X37B, the sat killer. The U.S. has a multi-layer missile defense in place. Some of the layers are public, most are not.

    • Intercontinental missile was developed without GLONASS and GPS and have their secret ways to fly where necessary, because such a system, first and destroy the enemy) Yes, coordinate know warring parties, no jammers will not help)

  3. The footage is a fake. The landscape at Kapustin Yar is totally forestless, there are just endless step plains. The movie depicts Plesetsk perhaps, or some other RVSN base …

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