Russian Communal Services Arrived to Crimea


A formation of Russian civil trucks representing different community services has arrived in Crimea today.
It consisted of trucks and buses, such as: firefighter trucks, garbage collection trucks, street cleaning vehicles, city buses and ambulances – more than sixty vehicles in total. All having Russian registration plates and moving towards Sevastopol, the largest Crimean city. These are actual photos and a video of them:



And a video:

9 thoughts on “Russian Communal Services Arrived to Crimea”

  1. Wait until Finnish civil trucks arrive to Karelia. Here is our new map after we take back our Karelia:

  2. They’ll need plenty of these when water will stop pouring from Ukraine…

    Oh, and electricity too, but you cannot bring it by truck : time to build the bridge over the Kersh strait…

  3. It is a lot more than Eu and IMF have to offer. Russia offerred Ukraine cheap gas, good credit lines and aid like in these pictures, but the neocons in Ukraine referred to have a coup. IMF and EU offers risky loans and only if Ukraine makes Greek type cuts right away. The neocons are very happy with taking money from the west,it goes straight to their pockets and the people pay for it.
    There will be another revolution this year in Ukraine against the neocons and svoboda.

    What is the point of giving EU and IMF money to Ukraine since they owe Russia tens of billions? Let Russians and Ukrainians sort that out, USA and Eu have no business in Ukraine.


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