6 thoughts on “Sudden Operability Test For Russian Forces”

  1. Being prepared to fight is one thing, being prepared to die is quite another. These boys will find there is no glory in war. Just horrible dis-figuring death.

    • The US has never fought with modern army, 45, as the troops of the Russian Federation) But if the doctrine of the U.S. focused on the offensive, doctirine army of the Russian Federation(USSR) on combating the army) there will be no War, the result is unclear, not to mention nuclear Apocalypse… Oh and the U.S. army as too probieren, Russian army defeated Georgia 6!! days almost without losses….

      • MAXDMG. Your being fed some propaganda. The invasion of tiny Georgia was a complete debacle. Russia shot down it’s own planes and mistakenly targeted it’s troops, killed 60 in total. This is good news. Those COM/Control problems have been corrected and the Russian military is ready for prime time, but are the troops? When the body-bags start coming, things change…

  2. It’s easy to fight a straw man army. China will shoot back and then we’ll see how good Putin’s army is. Propaganda for internal consumption.

  3. If man could care about each other as much as we do when it comes to develop weapons and wars, then this planet wouldn’t be so bad to live at.
    Ya lublu Rossia:)

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