7 thoughts on “Special Combat Operation Of Marines”

  1. Is that a beach in Catalonia, Scotland or Venice?

    Old Russian Marines moto “Were we go, Victory Follows”

    New moto “Were we go, Referendum for Secession Follows”

    Great pics by the way. Oh if Crimea does join Russia then the shipyard that builds the Zubr landing craft might build a few more for the Russian fleet. That first pic of the Zubr is just AWESOME.

  2. Those steps!….how much more would it cost for a slide?….and maybe some of those ski’s like on those cars in other article….could drive to town…

    • This thing just moves on ice and earth, albeit at a slower rate… Very thick rubber and powerful pumps actually turn it into a large amphibious vehicle that moves on the land) In 93 such evacuated disgraced Georgian President Shevardnadze was occupied by the militants of the territory, killing 4 of 5 pursuing their torpedo boats…


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