Russian Navy Submarine Officers Indulge in North Pole Swimming

Here is a video of Russian Navy officers diving into the cold Arctic waters right off the submarine deck, presumably not far from the North Pole, as one of the bathing men says he is a polar man. The water must be ice cold as the pieces of ice of different size can be seen floating around nearby, however as men talk they mention a month of August, so it can be easily the warmest month of the year at the North Pole. It also might be some sort of initiation ritual for them, as only two out of the five people present actually bathe, and it looks like they follow certain rules: the cameraman insists that both of the men should dive in fully, with their heads immersed into the water, or it could be a certain achievement one can tell their grandchildren about later: “You know, kids, once I was bathing right on the North Pole, and I am not joking!”.

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  1. There is a photo when Mardi climbed at a submarine of thinking that it is the iceberg Looked like thick tourists on the beach))


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