Crimea, One Day before the Event


This is how the biggest city of the Crimea region looks a day before the referendum set to happen tomorrow, March 16th. According to witnesses, Russian flags can be seen on the majority of buildings in the city, the same on smaller shops and offices or larger residential complexes. People wander around with Russian flags as Barcelona soccer team fans do when they celebrate a victory of their team. “I really hope to wake up on Monday in a different country without changing my location”, writes a popular Crimean blogger as night dawns on the Crimean peninsula, the last night before the referendum starts.





















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18 thoughts on “Crimea, One Day before the Event”

    • Where you choose to live in Russia with normal salaries and pensions, or in impoverished Ukraine with cannibalistic loan which will hit people? The IMF loan is not makes no warranties, and guarantees that the reduction of pensions\wages, elimination of unprofitable enterprises (to expel people on the street without money leads to the increase of crime), and other pleasures)

  1. I really hope this does not change things there in a bad way. I really do, and I hope that Russia becomes an enlightening path to everyone!

    Except we all know that Russia knows nothing about being “enlightening”, and that it will end up the same way as history has always said. It is unfortunate for you…. and it will be interesting for the rest of us.

  2. I wish that people could decide their own future without being coerced, spied on, beaten, killed. There always seems to be men with guns around.

  3. Yes Matthew, those peasants got a shock by voting 93% in favour of becoming pat of Russia again. Funny thing that.

    How sad the USA won’t recognise it, but who cares? Obama can go cry in his GM cornflakes. Kerry will beat his chest, and claim again he invented the interwebby-thing. And Hitlery will stomp around like an uber-soldat looking more masculine than her poof-ant husband.

    URAH Crimea!

    • Can the poles still for the massacre 80 thousand poles in Ukraine, Ukrainians will answer? Or can NATO or U.S. nuclear weapons anymore? They even DPRK nothing except sanctions do not threaten)

  4. Like I say…let the state of Texas vote to leave the U.S.A……see if they(U.S.A.) will say its their democratic right,etc…..double standered….

  5. The biggest problem with the west is that they tink the world is turning around them and forget that there are other smart people living somewhere, like the KRIM.

  6. Texas (as well as every other state) petitioned, and then voted to become part of the United States. They did not become a state at the end of any gun. But what would Russia know about a free robust debate followed by honest and fair elections? Absolutely nothing. Never ever have you had a free society. You went from a corrupt aristocracy to a equally corrupt and brutal, spirit crushing communist regime and then to a criminally minded socially inept, backwards looking remnant and combination of the two. The right to self determination is THE cornerstone of democracy and every Russian government has made a joke of it. Putin is a clown. Anyone outside the slanted and narrow world view allowed by the Russian government can see this as clearly as the nose on their face. It’s about time to join the 21st century and get on the right side of history. After all, who had to have walls around their country and territories to keep people from deserting it in legions and who has to have walls to keep those seeking a better life from overwhelming their borders? I rest my case.

  7. “The right to self determination is THE cornerstone of democracy”

    America is not a democracy you ignorant asshat. And most of us can give quite a long list of countries that have no self-determination as a result of the meddling of America. Get on the right side of history indeed.


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