Bastion: New Russian Antiship Weapon

Bastion: New Russian Antiship Weapon

The new Russian anti-ship missile system “Bastion”, that may hit any point on the Black Sea, has become the key weapon of coastal defence for Russia.
Bastion: New Russian Antiship Weapon“Bastion” came to replace another anti-ship missile system called “Redut”. “Redut” was put into service in 1966, and it was shooting supersonic missiles, P-35B’s, to a distance of 270 km. Development of “Bastion” began in the 80s but it was only officially accepted in 2010.

The system is made with two variations – a fixed one (Bastion-S) and a mobile one (Bastion-P). They are intended to destroy all types of surface ships, from surface and carrier strike groups, assault forces, escort convoys, single vessels and ground radio-contrast targets in the event of intense electronic and firing countermeasures of an enemy.

Every system like this can protect 600 km of coastal area from possible enemy landing operations.

Bastion: New Russian Antiship Weapon

It takes only five minutes to put “Bastion-P” system on alert. Besides that, it can stay in a combat ready situation, operating independently, for a period of five days.

The basic version of the system is equipped with four self-propelled launchers, K-340P’s, based on a wheeled motor-traction vehicle “Astrolog” with an endurance distance of up to 1000 km, a command and control vehicle, K-380P, based on the KamAZ-43101, up to four transport loading vehicles, K-342’s, and launch-associated support vehicles – for the transportation and accommodation of military personnel.

Additionally, the system may include a self-propelled, over-the-horizon radar station for detection of air and surface targets, the “Monolot-B”, though target designation can be executed from a helicopter.

Bastion: New Russian Antiship Weapon

The missile “Bastion” shoots what is called a P-800 “Onyx”, its export modification is called “Yahont” (“Ruby”) or SS-N-26 Strobile according to the NATO classification. Today, it’s probably the most popular Russian tactical cruise anti-ship missile. Its length, depending on modification, may range from 6 to 8,6 meters. Launching mass – three tons. Maximum speed – 750 m/s. Flying height – from 10 meters to 14 kilometres. Weight of the missile’s warhead – 200 kg. High-altitude firing distance – up to 300 km. Low-altitude firing distance (close to water surface) – 120 km. Today “Onyx/Yahont” may compare to the most formidable cruise missiles in the world.

Bastion: New Russian Antiship Weapon

Bastion: New Russian Antiship Weapon


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  1. Old tech, cell phones were not even invented yet. No way these would ever come near hitting their target with today jamming. But, it is their huge heat signatures that give them away; easy prey for heat seekers. And those huge mobile launches? Like a drone won’t spot those? I would not want to be manning one of those.

  2. Just the thing to put the American Intergalactic Federation in its place for interfering in Russian Universe Aquisition Policies.

    Good old Emperor Putin for safeguarding the future of his homeland into the thirtieth millennium.

  3. Missiles are VERY easy to detect with today’s modern sensors. The missile battery itself gives off an emitter signal, this call “lighting up”. Once that alarm goes off, all the ships defenses go up, now including newly deployed laser weapons. Good luck.

    • The USSR was using a ground based laser in the early ’70s to destroy U.S. spy satellites and during Reagans “Star Wars” intuitive they mentioned some very likely ways to prevent missile destruction by laser.There are many ways to “dodge a bullet”,but you are still dodging a bullet………

  4. There are so many factors involved in a combat situation.These types of missles are high tech,supersonic and very lethal and can hide until needed.Syria is a good example of how in one situation it made them useless in one aspect and a deterant in another(Google).A ship has four main angles to defend,two of these missles back to back on a small sea?And remember that this is the big league now….one nuke….run from that!!!!!!

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