Two American Drones Reportedly Shot Down in Crimea (Video)


As local Crimean and Ukrainian news sources reported, there were two American-made drones, presumably MQ-9 Reapers, shot down recently. There is no reliable report of which country those aircraft belonged to, or what their purpose in Crimea was, however a video has surfaced that is said to be recovered from one of the two hit drones showing a close surveillance task being performed by an aircraft above the unidentified military forces using Russian-made military trucks. The soldiers later notice the aircraft and use something that looks like green lasers to probably blind the aircrafts camera. You can see the video yourself inside, it is just 90 seconds:



To date, this is the only report we recall that is connected with an aircraft being shot in Ukraine since the beginning of the crisis.

19 thoughts on “Two American Drones Reportedly Shot Down in Crimea (Video)”

  1. Can’t see anything shot down.Toy green laser? U.S. Would use commercal flights with spy gear and embeded spies.Russian forces seem unprepared to be bombed by NATO and/or to counter strick nearby countries that they should already secretly be in…..Putting the comming war closer to the Atlantic ocean……as opposed to sitting like ducks…..nukes in place…guns loaded….NATO in retreat……..

  2. I do not expect any video is stored in the plane. It makes no sence. It would make the plane more expensive and in case of the capture of the plane it would reviel what the plane was monitoring. In this case this video is from the Ukranian boder patrols:

  3. I think the best way to prove who is the best of best between US and Russia is war between them.
    Don’t let the other country help both in the war.

  4. When things got serious, you better be prepared for it as YOU must defeat the anti christian forces as the nazi,s. And you win only if you believe in it.

  5. To all you nuts out there, War is not pretty nor is it the answer, first think of your familys.
    OlD SAYING war is not about who is right but who is left.

  6. It’s clearly not a Predator/Reaper, as those operate at much larger altitudes. This video was taken from small personal UAV. Do people in Russia really are so eager to believe everything what is said in their TV? Maybe some critical thinking?

  7. Ok.. show the evidence like U2 @ exhibition 😀 LOL btw one of them fly in Irak and Yugoslavia … it its not the latest high tec 😉


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