10 thoughts on “City Under Smog Cover”

  1. Smog situation in every heavy polluted city can be solved easily with a cheap devices called “ORGONITE”, they can be easily made home. Just google “orgonite TB”, or simply “orgonite”……

  2. It hasn’t got so much to do with pollution, as it has with location and geographic features. A lot of old cities suffer from this. Locations that were ideal for settlement in bygone era’s are often notably ill suited for (post-)industrial habitation.

    Just look at Athens: strategically located between the mountains and the sea, with a single defensive mount (Acropolis) at the centre. Nowadays however that single mount is, apart from it cultural value, meaningless and the city is much larger and stretches up to the mountains. The sea wind blows inland against the mountains, trapping the smog and other pollution over the city.

    Looking at the pictures, I bet something similar is the case at Almaty.

  3. Maybe the Hero Russia/Putin will send in a response team (non-militery) to help diagnose and remedy this health and welfare issue.He dont have to ride a white stallion….but good propaganda ….wouldnt hurt……

  4. …..Phoenix Arizona ?…..tight air regulations prevent this…..factories(smoke producing) dont move to Arizona…the smoke,etc. would never leave.In the mid-west,eastern states , it (smoke) is mostly no problem.

  5. Probably something similar to a chinook in Alberta Canada. Calgary is often covered in a haze when a chinook rolls in.

  6. Maybe they need our polution tax here in Australia, quite happy to send it across, and this was thoughtfully imposed by a red government.

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