Icons Are Crying In Both Russia And Ukraine


It is amazing, but lots of icons have started to cry oil in Russian and Ukrainian churches and monasteries. A crying icon has always been considered a formidable sign calling people for repentance.

Last time such phenomena happened in both Russia and Ukraine was before the October revolution and before the collapse of the USSR. What could this be if not God’s warning?


14 thoughts on “Icons Are Crying In Both Russia And Ukraine”

    • It’s probably feeling the invasion of your hypocritical values on to the nation that has somewhat forgotten its past amidst the turmoil spurred by greed for resources.

  1. well it could be the institution of religion trying to instill fear into society and spraying the eyes of the OIL paintings with water. If metal sculptures start to cry and it’s caught on tape, then we will talk about it

  2. Sometimes a message is very clear to anyone, but then is the biggest problem WOULD sombody understand it. At least the majority of westeners are more about their money, houses, shares, and the wife of the neighbour. So let it be a message to the RUS people.

      • Painting with a broad brush, aren’t you? I’m about my family and helping others and could CARE LESS about money, houses, or shares, as you put it. In fact, most of my comrades are the same!


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