A Flower from the Cops

140307170323 When a police officer pulls you over you can expect him to give you a ticket, to talk to you about driving safety, or in other words, people don’t expect anything good when this happens. However, if you are in Russia these days, you can get pulled over by a cop just to find out that he wants to present to you a flower. Only if you are a woman. The road safety police these days give away hundreds of flowers to random lady drivers across the country, in an effort to celebrate International Women’s Day – a holiday that is widely being observed in Russia. Holding a flower behind his back while pulling the unsuspected lady to the side of the road might be a trick that’s a bit cruel, as all things she might have done wrong might go through her mind until she finds out that this was not the reason for the stop.

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2 thoughts on “A Flower from the Cops”

  1. heh, when they get pulled over next those girls will be “wheres my flowers?.. i dont want this speeding ticket..” heheheh.


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