Russian Traveller Ketov

Russian Traveller Ketov

Vladislav Ketov is an outstanding traveller from Russia who, by the way, turned 64 in February. No, he has neither managers nor sponsors, and his experience has never been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records, but facts speak for themselves. He became the first man in the world to travel around the Earth. It took him twenty one years and twenty one days to travel 167 000 km cycling along the coast lines of the continents…

Russian Traveller Ketov

Did you know that moving along the world sea shore, one can pass all the dry land except Australia, Antarctica and islands without crossing seas and oceans. It’s enough to cross the Suez and Panama canals and the Bering Strait.
This unique idea came to Vladimir’s mind in 1983, he noticed that all the world continents are connected by a single line and nobody had ever thought that line could become a route. He decided to patent this idea and to implement it.

Russian Traveller Ketov

At that time he lived in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) and was a coach in the school of cycle touring. He officially registered his idea in 1988, but nobody actually believed that idea could ever be realized. He started his journey on May 14, 1990 by bicycle without any support, sponsors, insurance, etc. and he only had 10 dollars and 260 rubles in his pocket, but that money was not used. In a couple of months from the date when he started his journey, he sent that money back to his family. While travelling he managed to earn money by drawing portraits, making use of his artistic education. Vladislav’s family lived on the money he earned. His wife did not work then, she was raising their children.

Russian Traveller Ketov

The main part of his journey lasted 9,5 years. He was in Europe, Africa, Asia, America – 90 countries in all. Half of all the time was spent obtaining visas.

Russian Traveller Ketov

Six more countries were visited during several subsequent stages:

2005 – Scandinavia,

2006 – Alaska – Vancouver;

2012 – Baltic states.

Ketov is not only a traveller and an artist, he is actually also a researcher and a philosopher who believes that the world is absolutely harmonious and it has no problems but those created by people.

Russian Traveller Ketov

Vladislav is going to continue travelling in the near future. This time he plans to cross the north by a gyroplane. And again, nobody has performed such a flight before. Implementation of this plan is being delayed due to lack of financing. Currently Ketov is writing a book about his unique journey and hopes to get nationwide recognition.


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    Polish traveler – between 1931 and 1936 traveled distance of 40 000 km across Africa, alone.

    I think it’s a great thing, when you don’t need to work 8 hours every day and you can do, what you like. This must be a happy life.

      • If you’re referring to Kazimierz Nowak, he supported his wife and kids by writing articles about his tours for the european press. If you’re referring to Ketov, then the post states that he was supporting his family with his travels.

  2. Quote: he is actually also a researcher and a philosopher who believes that the world is absolutely harmonious and it has no problems but those created by people. HE has seen the LIGHT, AND I can tell you what people, but lucky NO RUSSIANS.

  3. If you visit Ketov’s website you can see that he didn’t cross the Bering Strait… Which is good, since it’s 30-50km depending on the season.

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