Enthusiast Puts Rubber Mats on Downtown Public Bus Stops


An enthusiastic Krasnoyarsk man, Anton, decided to solve the problem of the slippery icy and snowy surfaces that haunt the bus stops of the 13th largest Russian city, Krasnoyarsk, with a population of over one million people. For this purpose, he uses rubber mats that are equipped with a heater inside. “I decided to do this after I saw the statistics on the accidents of people falling down at bus stops” says the man. As the municipality was pretty skeptical about his approach, Anton decided to invest his own money to complete equipping the pilot bus stop with the mat and the heater. He said it cost him almost $1200 and he was hoping the installation would serve for at least five years.

Here are some pics and also there is an ending to this story inside:




However, two weeks after his mats were implemented, local news outlets reported that the mats didn’t solve the problem as expected, but on the contrary, after a few days their surface became uneven, which might cause additional dangers for the passengers boarding the buses. So, as has been reported, Krasnoyarsk authorities decided to remove the novelty.

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  1. This is so good. This is called humanity. This is a perfect use of rubber mats. They are non slippery and that’s the perfect use.


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