Massive Army Gathered a Few Miles from Europe


At this moment, a large scale military movement and exercise is taking place in Vyborg, just a few miles east of the border with the European Union and Finland. Joint Chief Commanders are present on site. As states, a joint force of thirty Russian regions have moved their forces to the area to take part. This includes 150,000 infantry, 90 warplanes, 120 helicopters, 880 tanks, 80 warships and other military machinery. It was massive!

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14 thoughts on “Massive Army Gathered a Few Miles from Europe”

  1. f all the polarizing propaganda from both sides.

    Worse than the West. I thought that you Russian were different from the West. The West loves money, but now you Russians have shown removed your masks, or maybe that old Russians never changed anyways.

    Like Hitler. Hitler invaded foreign countries to protect his Germanic people. Putin invades to protect his Russian people. Maybe Italy should invade the US to protect all the Italian bloods, France invades Canada, and Spain invades Mexico, California, and Argentina.

    Worse than Muslims. These torjan horses start planting foreign flags, never mind religious buildings. Both have trouble integrating as immigrants. Either stay in a foreign land as a guest or integrate. You want to take over a foreign country using squaters rights, or pretending to be a friend? Who would be so low? At least a prostitute requires payment to ‘love’ you, but these other types enter your house as friends, and later take your house and cut your throat. The Russians in Ukraine must learn Ukrainian. You don’t like that? They why did the Ukrainians have to use Russian? Next time don’t only think of yourselves. Karma.

    Never expect when the time for war arrives that your immigrant population will fight for you. Watch out Germany, you are within the crosshairs of the Turks. Continue to be naive to your future detriment. Liberal idealogy is nice when stomachs and bank accounts are full, but reality will hurt.

    Pay back of debts. Give Tartars back their land. Show me just how honourable the Russians are. Pay for all the Ukraianians killed by the former leader of the USSR that sat in Moscow and whose hand commanded all those ethnic Russians to eliminate the Ukrainians. One way street. No one likes to admit their mistakes, and pay for them. We all pay for our mistakes and for the hurt to others, sooner or later.

    Forget this babble of right-wing extremists in the Ukraine. There are extremists in every country and in governments also. Stop using the ring-wing extremist excuse to justify your pride. These gorillas and pitbulls will be put back in their cages.

    Official langauages. Give Tartars and Ukrainians their official languages in Crimea. You lost Crimea and the Black Sea before to the English. Ok, maybe Crimea is more Russian than Ukrainian. I don’t know the full history. Krushi gave the keys of the Russian’s car -mea to the Ukrainians, big mistake. Never give the keys of your car to your neighbor just because he has a beautiful wife. Ukrainians and Russians never forget that rule unless you are truely men of God. So make Russian the official language in Crimea, and let Russia take Crimea. Ukrainians leave Crimea. Russians leave Ukraine, including the east. Ukrianian is the only official language of Ukraine. Each man has his own house and no more sharing. That is wisest for the human animal. Keep them separated like animals in a zoo. Never believe stories of brotherhood since Cain killed Abel. Brotherhood is for holy people, the rest of us need to be kept separate.

    Do not repeat the mistakes of the Communists and Facists. The young generation must kick the old buggers the hell out with their Communism and Fascism. Remember, and do eat either of that vomit your fathers ate.

    Time for a new world soon, good bye to you oldies.

    • @Newbie, with all due respect, Putin predictably and preemptively took full control of the Crimea, propaganda about protecting Russians notwithstanding.

      Did you believe the bullsh1t from the Americans about Iraq?

      Even the Americans initially called it an ‘Uncontested Arrival,’ not an invasion. Google it.

      If you had knowledge and understanding of history you would have expected this to happen, as I did.

  2. Ukraine is part of Russian culture so USA should not interfere in Ukraine otherwise USA will break in 51 independent states….USA is afraid of Russia like it was during Soviet Union days

  3. For the west to pretend that it thought Russia would not take action to protect its strategically important Navy port in Crimea is absurd. The west still seeks to destroy Russian influence and power, it is not about protecting Ukraine, it is jealousy of a strong country with a strong decisive leader and encouraging Ukraine in moving towards the EU/US is part of that. And as for the accusation that the protection of Russian citizens in Crimea was ‘trumped up’, not as trumped up as ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was the excuse for the west to invade Iraq.

  4. All the comments already made not withstanding; let’s ask ourselves one question: Which side has been killing its own people and others by the millions since 1917 and continues to incarcerate and kill them today on unbelievable trumped up charges?

  5. Big difference from invading a country that broke it’s articles of surrender (Iraq), and a sovereign peaceful neighbor (Ukraine).

  6. This is all sabre rattling and nothing more, give it a few weeks of blah blah diplomacy and it will all blow over then we can get back to the real problems of the world, like Bieber, Honey Boo-Boo, the Kardashians and Dancing with the Stars.

  7. I wonder what Russia would do if Chinese troops occupied part of Siberia to protect all the Chinese living there. Seems like just what Russia is doing in the Crimea. The change of government in the Ukraine posed and poses no threat whatsoever to Moscow.

  8. This was last years news, why post it now as if it,s happening now ? Geesh people, It must be true if it’s on the internet mentality is insane !

  9. Let’s call it western government , not Americans or west. The people here.. Most of us don’t agree to any violent war. Just like any innocent we are just trying to survive.


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