30 thoughts on “Largest Oil Refinery in Europe is on Fire”

    • Oh I’d think it would be safe to say that it’s sinister. The FUKUSA /NATO have wrecked themselves in the Middle East so use Spec Ops or paid mercenaries to fight their wars. . . . sorta like cowards in the night.

    • It’s real to think that state of russian industrial factories is in shape as it was a decade ago. Such big and specialized industrial complexes are very expensive to modernize, so accidents happens because of heavy use of installations under high temperatures and high preassure. It happens all the time all over the world, especially in developing countries where underfunding is big problem in state sponsored industrial factories. Russia has very good security in this critical to the economy complexes, so it’s very unlikely that someone could make sabotage or secret attack that would not be detected at a later investigation. Biggest rafinery in the country has highest security, it’s logical countermeasure from Ministry of Internal Security.

  1. really bad timing on this accident,you can
    only suspect the worst. time to stockpile
    food and water. i pray my leaders were not
    this desperate

  2. Mark my words – Tatarstan is the next USA target to bribe its elite and to overthrow the local government there via covert ops

  3. That there are no victims is good but tends to support the deliberately sabotaged angle. More info is needed — as always.

  4. When that godless america and the eu is involved you can bet on one thing for sure. Troubles, problems, disaster, deads, dowmfall and so on. It is the best that RODINA separate itself from this antichrist disaster and go on its own.

  5. there is no Neftekamskneftehim refinery in Russia,this is a HOAX : please check : http://www.eni-italy.research-data.info/ENI_Web/World-Oil-Refineries-List.htm

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