This Car is Crazy

This Car is Crazy

A Russian guy has built this car. He said he used computer 3D modeling software to design the outer appearance and the suspension characteristics of his future car. Then he, with friends, built it. You will have now a unique chance to review his creation one of the first in the world!

This Car is Crazy

Just imagine if one of your neighbors has built something similar to this one? Let’s see it in more detail! We have two videos of this car in action too! Don’t forget to click on photos to see them full size!

This Car is Crazy

This is the proud owner together with his pal. He already has put a “ON SALE” sign on the monster he built. How does it ride? How does it look like inside? What parts they used? Read on!

This Car is Crazy

They used a Nissan Maxima as a source for some parts, so if you look closely it still can remind you of the Nissan.

This Car is Crazy

Personally I love those tires and love how it looks from ahead. But what’s inside?

This Car is Crazy

Are you ready to see the videos? Then welcome to the next page!


And just in case you wondered how this monster looks from inside  – here it is. Pretty normal car as if from inside! (Video is on the next page)

And here comes the video!

Some more photos ahead! Someone finally has bought it and managed to get it street legal – got the plates and everything:



It’s big pity but the owner didn’t show us what was under the hood, but please check the main site we have more crazy Russian creations like this! Just click here


43 thoughts on “This Car is Crazy”

  1. Top idea, but if you ask me the suspension looks a little flimsy, I would have used much bigger axles and heavy duty differentials, then hold it all together with bigger arms and chassis.

  2. Dogmatix, you just come across as an insecure cock when you respond by immediately being dismissive. Why think it’s about you? Why not see the wonder in this guys imaginitive creation and at least make one tiny positive comment as well as potentially constructive feedback? What a miserable cunt you must be.

  3. Hi Cyril, seriously, I think it’s a really good idea, just suggested some refinements to make it stronger. You must be coming down of some drug fix…. lovely language too….I guess you need to be tough with a name like Cyril. Or was it you who built this car and took offence to my constructive suggestion?

  4. I think it’s REALLY COOL!!! If you needed to make it there in a blizzard for sure! It reminds me of one of those beetles that can shoot acid! (Or a spaceship!) LOL- Great work guys!

  5. Ok – here’s the breakfast skinny for the “Car Crazy!” Did you know Toyota has a new vehicle called Mirai? “Future” in translation – can run off of hydrogen producing only water as a byproduct. This fuel could potentially be created using porous silicone and sunlight – research online! Only emission is pure water!!! WOW – but it could not get you there in a blizzard like this one! Pass the good news and let’s get cracking on a new alternative – a GREEN alternative for a better world!

    Hope you find the intel online!
    “Dowbru-yeah Otra!”
    Bon apetite!


  6. It looks flimsy. I bet he used the engine and the transmission from that old maxima as well. Must be one of those phallic issues

  7. It’s really a tremendous idea by Great Russian Guys. Superb engineering, I salute to collective effort. Keep it up………!

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